Fall Equinox 2011 Message from Aca’u

Channeled by Camille Albrecht September 23, 2011

The Fall Equinox begins on September 23, 2011 at 9:04 a.m. UTC, 5:04 a.m. EDT and continue through to December 22, 2011.

Greeting, it is I, Aca’u who speaks to you now.

Finances continue to take center stage, demanding your focus internationally, as a country, and in your personal lives. For many, financial concerns are the most challenging they have ever experienced. This is a time to strengthen your financial situation by cutting back on excesses, living within your means, paying off your credit cards, pairing down where you can. The world economy will improve. Trust this. Economic structures that have been built on faulty premises collapse. You will see countries whose financial situations have been built on greed, dishonesty, over-extension, be called upon to come in to alignment with the balance point.

In all areas, as I have said to you often, this is a time where truth is revealed, weakness brought to the surface. Movement back towards the balance point occurs.

Everywhere you look about you, there is change. No thing can remain the same now as we move in to the full expression of the Age of Aquarius. Yet, as frightening as some of these changes appear, know that you are moving to a more balanced, peaceful planet. There will not be annihilation of your world. There will be change. You must use a fresh perspective as you view life now.

It begins with the basics, such as how you label something as ‘good’ and ‘bad’. Often, what appears to be a bad situation is just what is needed for a more healthy situation to be brought about. Let’s take the case of relationships. It may appears to be ‘bad’, to go through a traumatic situation that results in the end of a marriage. Yet, this new-found freedom can bring you to a new space that is healthier and happier for you. The end of a job may appear bad, yet lead you to a fuller expression of your potentials through the challenges and joys of learning a new skill.

Many things appear bad now in the world, to use this simple term. Yet, if you could view the world through a higher perspective, as we see it from our vibrational position, you would know that all these negatives are coming to the surface to be rooted out.

So rather than view from the perspective of something being either good or bad, why not use the common phrase of your world right now, ‘It is what it is’. That removes some of the frustration and anger over something you have no control of in that it has already happened. You have all the control over how you handle it. And that is what is important. Your reaction makes the difference.

So you cannot just stand back and not get involved to make the world and your own life better. You must act as best you can to create a peaceful, whole life for yourself. The universe will not do it for you. Angels will not do if for you. Space brothers and sisters won’t do it for you. Please do not put the power outside of yourself. The power to make your world a hell or a heaven rests with you; with each individual.

How are you going to approach your day? Will it be with peace in your heart? Or, are you going to snap at your spouse, act surly with the gas station attendant, impatient with the waiter? These acts may appear small, yet, they are the building blocks of your life. And they manifest into the universe. The everyday little ways you interact with people creates the bigger picture. Smile! Show gratitude for the efforts of others. Then you are the peace builder. You cannot manifest peace in your world if you do not treat others peacefully. You cannot speak of “Love and Light” if you walk around with a scowl on your face. Live it. Be it. Act it. Then will you be a bearer of Love and Light unto your world.

Pay attention to this for the next hour, will you? Be a deliver of Love and Light for the next hour.

Ask yourself, what does it mean to deliver Love and Light in the everyday world? How will you be the Light bearer when your child leaves their room a mess after you’ve asked them to straighten it umpteen times? Or when a co-worker leaves you with the lion’s share of a project? Are you adding to the gossip when a group criticizes the behavior of another? Within your own family, have you been a beacon of Light lately? Look within to see where more tolerance, forgiveness, acceptance can be brought in to the world.

All right, so this is what it means to be a Light Worker in the Age of Aquarius. It is not easy with all the turmoil in your world and in your personal lives. Between 2009 and 2013, many of you are facing the most challenging time you have ever experienced. Relationships, jobs, home and family, health, life direction – all these areas are in a state of flux. The Initiations that took place in the Temples of Egypt, testing you to see how far you have come with your lessons, now come to you in your every day life. Many of you are going through an Initiation now. You are being called upon to use all of your wisdom and skills to cope with your situation. You can come to know the great strength, courage and ability that you have. Just as weaknesses and poisons are brought to the surface to be cleansed, so are your strengths brought to the surface to be recognized and used. Your new potentials are asking for expression.

Remember to call upon your brothers and sisters of Light both on the earth plane and on the inner plane to assist you. No one need walk The Path alone. Reach out to others, build your communities of support.

You can make it through this time stronger, healthier, more balanced, more at peace.

Remember that you are the foundation builders of the Aquarian Age. Your role is critical in forming the footholds for the future.

New manners of self-expression arise. There are new ways for your creativity to manifest. It isn’t supposed to be the way it was. Try it a new way. Take the dance lesson, write the book, teach a class. New! New! New! What is that expression, nothing ventured, nothing gained? So very true now.

These past months have been a hazy time. People feel ungrounded, disoriented, lacking in motivation and direction. You know you should be moving forward but to what? and how? Your High Self knows. Trust. The doors will open in their right time. Let it be a little hazy now. It won’t always be. Energies are changing in a manner that has brought the fog in. Things aren’t crystal clear right now. They aren’t meant to be. This is a nebulous period of time. You can make progress, but remain open to new unfoldments and awarenesses along the way. Flexibility is the best manner in which to approach these nebulous energies.

Let go of what you no longer need. Take time this Fall to go through your possessions and rid yourself of excess baggage. This will symbolically help you rid yourself of old, worn-out ideas, perspectives, attitudes, even relationships; those elements of the past that should remain in the past as you move forward.

You will then enter the Winter Solstice period leaner, paired down, ready to really look at what you have and where you want to move towards. But now, the closets are too full, the basement too cluttered. Take time to go through them – drawer at a time. You will feel Lighter as result.

The world financial situation continues to be tumultuous as weaknesses are unearthed. It will stabilize significantly in 2012.

As will the political arena. The extreme factions burn themselves out. They continue to become so extreme, they lose their base and are left only with few. The majority will demand a more equalized approach. The pendulum that now swings wildly will stabilize as the balance point is established.

Allow yourself to dream. You don’t always have to be practical, you know. Being frivolous now and then is fun. How about a Saturday when all you do is carefree and playful? Giggle, splash in puddles, climb a jungle gym. It will help bring the childlike wonder back into your life. Don’t be too serious, alright? A little silliness now and then Lightens things up.

Enjoy this most colorful of seasons. There’s magic in the air! Excitement! Innovation and discovery are bubbling to the surface.  You have access to more creativity than ever before. And remember, you are all creators. Yes, the painters and sculptors, musicians and actors are creative, yet so is the office worker, the nurse, the construction worker. You create your world with every word you speak, your every thought and your action. They are so very powerful now. Enjoy your ability to create heaven on earth, for that is where you are heading.

You are blessed, you are loved. We on the inner plane are always here to assist you in creating that which you want in your life. It may not come when you think it should or perhaps in the manner you expected, but know that, that which is right and perfect will be.

I bid you peace,