2013 Winter Solstice Message from Aca’u


Channeled by Camille Albrecht on December 20, 2013

 The Winter Solstice begins on December 21, 2013 at 12:11 p.m. ET 

Greetings, it is I, Aca’u who speaks to you now.

The challenges you face are taking you to a better place. As you progress forward, may peace be with you. Take a moment to drink it in. All around you, the energy of peace and wholeness is present. You need only open to it. Draw it in. You can be restored in a moment by accepting that Divine Power and allowing it to fill your being.

Your ability to tap into Divine Love – which is the healing power – is your birthright. When you feel challenged, frightened, worried, take a moment to breathe in that Light that is always there. It will calm you and bring a sense of peace. Because in this Light, there is the ability to restore balance within you. Once you are in a state of balance, you can see things more clearly and your understanding increases. You can more easily tap into guidance and direction. Any problem or concern can be assisted through this process.

You have all come to earth to work on yourself and your universe. And you have chosen to incarnate in a time of some of the greatest changes and challenges since the beginning of time. You are moving towards greatness. That is the Light Being. You are moving from density to Light. From the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age. The Piscean Age taught much needed self-discipline to the world yet, that was accomplished through fear and punishment. “If you did not follow proper action, God will get you”. Eternal damnation from an external, vengeful God was the great deterrent to misuse of your power and will.

Important evolutionary steps were taken in the Piscean Age. Mankind began to accept that there was one God, manifest in all things. And, that you had to treat one another with love. The importance of following a moral or spiritual code of behavior came to be. Taking part in sinful behavior would result in great punishment. The concept of good and evil was driven home. These were taught as external powers. There was an external God who was good and an external Satan who was bad. You could choose to follow the path of either and suffer the consequences of making the wrong choice. And of course, there was the Master Teachers, such as Jesus and others, to show the way to abide by God’s will on earth. So the Piscean Age accomplished a great deal in the evolutionary process.

Now, mankind has moved from the Piscean to the Aquarian Age. You have brought forth your learned lessons, along with the blockages you incurred along the way. This new space, the Aquarian Age, is higher in vibration than the Piscean Age. The old patterns of imbalance cannot function in this new vibration. They must be released. The very laws of Nature will accomplish this release. You can assist or resist. And the releases are coming at a more rapid, demanding level. This is why you are facing the challenges you face. Soul growth. You are being pushed, prodded, pressured to release emotional and mental patterns that are not in line with the higher vibrations.

You may not understand why you have a specific life lesson. Often times, there won’t be a clear reason. “What was it from a past life that I did to cause this?” “Or was it this lifetime?” “Is the lesson mine or is my challenge for the learning experience of those around me?” Let trying to determine the underlying cause go; it doesn’t matter in the long run. What matters is, how are you going to face the challenges you have here and now? That is where the soul growth comes in. That is all that matters. That you handle whatever it is you are facing with a spirit of acceptance, kindness, love and peace.

Acceptance. That’s the first step. You have an expression born over the past few years to help with just this very issue: “It is what it is”. Very important! Because once you accept that you have the illness or that you are in an unhealthy relationship, or that your eating or drinking is out of balance, or whatever it is that is creating distress, then you can begin to alter it.

Those things that are not in a state of wholeness and balance will be drawn up and out to be addressed. Even in your political arenas, the extreme attitudes of some politicians will result in their demise. These behaviors will not be tolerated in the new energies. Internationally, tyrants will fall; freedom and independence will be achieved. As difficult as it may be to understand, please know that you are moving to a greater place of peace and wholeness, kindness and love. The world of appearances can be quite frightening now. Yet, this is the very purging needed to move you from the old patterns into the new. You have entered the Age of Peace, Brotherhood and Sisterhood. Energies not in accordance with that pattern will not survive.

You must love one another. You don’t have to like what the other guy did; you don’t have to go out to dinner with them or be best buddies. But, you do have to love them, soul to soul. You have societal laws that must be followed and a person must have consequences for not abiding by those laws. This makes for a civilized world. Beyond that, let the judgment go. You don’t have to judge them; universal laws will correct all that needs to be corrected. Be and let be.

Kindness: “God’s will be done”. “Be a point of Light”. These are the goals of a Light Worker. And one of the best measures of thinking and acting as such is to ask, “Am I being kind?” No matter what you are facing, within yourself or outside of yourself, ask if how you are behaving is kind. Are you treating yourself with kindness? Is what you are saying and how you are saying it kind? You can disagree with someone and be kind while doing it. You can leave a job or leave a relationship with kindness. If you are struggling with illness, in yourself or caring for another, treat others with kindness. It will make all the difference.

Just for one day, be as kind as you can possibly be. Write the word down on a few sticky notes, “Kindness”, as your reminder. Then, paste one at your desk, one in your kitchen, your car or where ever you will see your notes. And, check your thoughts and behaviors throughout the day. The world can use as much kindness as you can muster.

And the other two qualities key to the Age of Aquarius are love and peace. Be a point of love, be a point of peace. The following affirmation given by the Seraph, Julian, can create this in your life. For affirmations, when repeated on a regular basis, become the thought pattern that creates the new behaviors and thus, the new world:

God is my source of all supply, and answers my every need.

I become a flow of energy in a moving force.

I know no beginning and no end. 

I am an instrument of peace and wholeness.

It flows from me, from my voice and from my eyes.

It flows through me, from my heart and from my touch.

It flows. A never-ending source of peace.   For that is who I am. 

So Be It.

In this Season of Light, love yourself. Be kind to yourself. Be at peace with yourself. Accept you just the way you are. From this space, acceptance, loving kindness and peace will flow out from you to the world. And you will truly be living your Reality Self, the Light Being that you are.

May your heart be light and joy be yours as you accept the Love that surrounds and fills you.

I bid you peace,