Enter the Void to Birth Something New in Your Life

What would bring you great joy, a new relationship? More fulfilling work? Greater health?

In this class, Aca’u explains the impact of universal energies over the past five years. This has been a turbulent time with great purpose. Aca’u shares where we are meant to go from here.

The class begins with a gentle led meditation to bring calm and centering. Then, walking through a corridor that leaves the past behind and seeing your future – a happy one, ahead.

For healing and restoration, Aca’u will take you on a journey into The Void. Here, you will experience some of the greatest peace you have images-1ever known. This is a space of calm and inner knowing. This is a beautiful space to enter when you need to be replenished. It is also the space where you touch what it is you want to bring in to your life. Aca’u refers to The Void as a place where we can access “God’s playdoh” to create whatever it is we want to create in our lives. Everyone, no matter who, no matter where, is now in the process of bringing something new into their lives. This meditation can bring it into manifestation.

Next, Aca’u provides a perfect healing technique to rid you of something from this lifetime or a past lifetime that is causing distress. You may not even know the cause, only the result. Perhaps you have a fear of closed spaces, or deny yourself financial success or a fulfilling relationship. This healing exercise goes right to the core of the issue, as it resides in your subconscious mind, to release it at its very roots. You can use this simple technique again and again for anything within you – or within another – that needs healing. It works!

This class provides go-to exercises and meditations that you’ll be able to use throughout your life. Bright Blessings to you!

A digital recording can be purchased for $15 through PayPal or by contacting me at contact@camillealbrecht.com . Once purchased, I will email you the recording. Please contact me should you have any questions. Thank you!