2014 Summer Solstice Message from Aca’u

Channeled by Camille Albrecht on June 21, 2014

The Summer Solstice began at 6:51 am EDT on June 21, 2014summer_solstice_by_kancano-d3hz6ju

Greetings, it is I, Aca’u who speaks to you now. Take heart. There is purpose to the dramatic energies you are experiencing. The purging continues. Many of you have been in a purging process for the past 4 to 5 years. Recognize that you are cleansing from the very depths of your being that which has been carried over from the Piscean Age and cannot withstand the vibrations of the Aquarian Age. What I mean by this is that you have incarnated again and again over thousands of years’. And over that time, you have created, by your words, thoughts and actions, various diverse effects in your life. Some of these resonate with the high energies of the Aquarian Age and some do not. The imbalances and wounds that you have brought forward from the Piscean Age must be released at this time. They cannot vibrate with the high energies of today. As these energies combine, the higher burns away the lower.

So, many are experiencing crises and challenges in their health, family life, friendships, or employment. Some are having great conflicts within the self that create doubt, loneliness or fear. You will purge, heal and be re-born to resonate with the highest vibrations that have occurred since the beginning of time. You are being tested, honed, and fine-tuned in order to express your highest potential.

What are the keys to success in this time of great change? Be and let be. Let go of judging another. You have the laws of the land and those must be followed. Beyond that, there are Universal Laws that ensure the universe evolves towards wholeness in a balanced manner. So, there is a far greater judge than you who will take care of things. In your life, you have the right to determine who you spend time with and how you interact. You may disagree with how another person handles something and you have the right to say, “I would have handled it differently.” And, you may choose not to spend time with that person. However, you do not have the right to condemn or berate them, or to gossip about them. That creates a karmic debt and in the long run, it will come back to be corrected within you. Understand that in Reality, you are one with your brothers and sisters, as different as appearances may seem. Rather than focus on that what divides you, look for the bridges between you. “Where can you meet?” That is what the Aquarian Age is about, harmony within diversity.

Remember, love heals all. This includes loving yourself — your whole self. To heal you, you must love you. I have spoken of this often. There are many teachings today that condemn the ego-personality. They ask that you ignore this aspect of yourself, or repress it, or disdain it. Some even refer to the ego personality as ‘the enemy of the Self’.

How can you move towards wholeness and Light if you are negating a critical aspect of your self? The ego personality is to be loved, nourished and brought into balance just as every other aspect of you is to be treated this way. A balanced ego is one who listens to the voice of the High Self. The High Self is perfect, whole, loving, wise and one with the Creator. It is who you are in your Reality. When the ego is out of balance, it likes to think it is in control. Yet, the ego is subject to the illusions of the physical world and as such, doesn’t have the wisdom that the High Self has. So, you love the ego of you and lovingly teach it to defer to your High Self. How? Listen to that still, small voice within. Train the ego to listen to the High Self through meditation. The High Self will never steer your wrong. It functions without the emotions of the day-to-day world, without anger and impatience. It functions with acceptance and joy. Tap into it, for it is always there for you.

These times call for patience. You are going through great change and so is everyone else. Because you understand the purpose and nature of these changes, you can assist others by your patience, acceptance and understanding. Be a beacon of Light, a bringer of peace. You are a Light Worker and are needed to assist in this great evolutionary leap. That’s one of the reasons you are here.

The infamous Cardinal Cross continues to create dynamic tension for another month and then begins to weaken. You will feel some pressure alleviate in mid-July. Emotions won’t be so exaggerated. It will be easier to re-gain self control in terms of eating and exercise patterns. You will see improvements in your ability to relax and to sleep, along with having calmer emotions. August will bring even more relief. And with September comes a whole new energy pattern that will be discussed in detail when that time arrives. Things lighten up substantially!  J

Another key to success now is to look for the little joys and miracles in your every day life. They are all around you if you will open your eyes, ears and heart to them. There is great beauty in the bounty of nature now. Let the healing power of nature restore you. Each person resonates to the elements differently at different times. Take time with each element. Spend time with the great power of the wind, as well as the gentle breeze that caresses your cheek. Perhaps you are drawn to the warmth of a crackling campfire or the grounding that comes under the shade of a oak tree. Floating on the cool waters and splashing in the waves can bring the healing powers of water into your life. If you take time to truly experience the elements, you’ll find they restore a sense of peace and balance within you.

You can choose to spend your day looking for what is wrong or looking for what’s right. It is your choice, what you focus on. Take time throughout your day to be mindful of what you are focusing on at that moment. This practice teaches you to pay attention to your thoughts, to what you are creating and enhancing.

I understand that for many of you or those you love, this is a difficult time. However, if you focus on the negatives, you will only exaggerate them. Everything has polarity. There is purpose in what is occurring. Bless it, whatever it is, and know the Light will bring a beneficial outcome. You change the situation by changing your attitude towards it. “This may be how it is now, but I know it is changing for the good”. Let that be your mantra.

The Summer Solstice period is a time of restoration, relaxation, slowing down and taking time to just be. Do what you need to in order to allow for this.

It’s important to have fun now. July begins a time where it will be easier to engage in activities that bring joy. So, plan a picnic, a day at the beach, a stroll in the park; go to a concert, invite friends over. This is a time where fun and social activities are enhanced. Call a friend you haven’t spoken with for awhile; strike out to meet new people in activities you enjoy. Decide that this will be a summer of great fun and then, make it happen!

You are the captain of your ship, the master of your fate.

You are creating the pattern for the new age and its birth brings great challenges, yet great joys as well. In the process, treat yourself and others with kindness, for kindness goes a long way to create the kind of world you want.

Play in the sand, my friends, dance with the winds. If you keep an open ear to the voice of your High Self and a deep faith in yourself, then happiness, health and success are yours.

I bid you peace,