2016 Winter Solstice Message from Aca’u

Channeled by Camille Albrecht on December 21, 2016

The Winter Solstice began on December 21st at 5:44 am EST


Greetings, it is I Aca’u who speaks to you now.

Turn inward and allow comfort to flood you. This has been a tumultuous year in the world and in the United States. Divine blessings are pouring forth to assist in healing the wounds, mending the divide and helping your country move forward. Allow yourself a few moments right now to breath in Divine Force. It permeates the atmosphere. Throngs of Angels surround the world, channeling Divine Light to every nook and cranny, to every individual, to all of the kingdoms and all of the elements. If you open to it, the salve is there. You are not alone in your efforts to evolve and grow. Divine Assistance is there. Allow it to fill you. It will give you the strength, the solace and the stamina you need to move forward.

There is great divide in your country now – family members at odds, neighbor against neighbor, long standing friendships verge on the brink of ending badly. Is it Civil War that you desire? “I see it this way!” against “I see it that way!” If you continue to spew hatred to your opponents, to the other political party, war will erupt. There are many variations of war. Hatred and anger create nothing of good. Nothing. Decide right now to respond in another way.

A house divided against itself cannot stand.

I am not suggesting that you forgo your values. What I am suggesting is that you open your mind and try to understand one another’s perspective.

What are the commonalities? Everyone wants prosperity, everyone wants happiness, and everyone wants stability. You differ in the methods to achieve this, yes. That is what democracy is about. Be curious to learn the other’s perspective. Be open to why their perceptions are different from yours. No one wants the earth destroyed or chaos to ensue. You cannot move forward until you create bridges of understanding between the two opposing sides. And that begins with you. Would you consider giving it a try? Take a deep breath and sit with someone whose political perspective differs from yours. Have a calm and open conversation to learn one another’s viewpoint. Find one or two areas you agree on.

Remember, peace begins with you.

Listen to the favored newscast of the political party that differs from yours. Both sides present facts in a manner that favors their party. Listen without judgment –that’s the important part – listen with detached curiosity. I don’t mean detached in the sense of not caring, but detached from the emotions that blind you. It will help you to understand each other. Then you can move forward more productively.

It is time to examine your self-identity and values as a nation. Polarity rules this Age. You are seeing the polarity, the oppositions in national identity and values in order to bring reconciliation. There is no other way to move forward in the peace and harmony promised in the Aquarian Age until such reconciliation occurs. This is part of the evolutionary path.

When a choir first begins to sing, when a group first begins to chant the Om, there is great discord. In time, the group finds a harmonic and beautiful music is created. It is the same with determining your national identity and values as you create the foundational structure for the New Age.

Remember the Seraph Julian taught that hatred would not be tolerated in the Age of Aquarius. Hatred will either self-destruct, be destroyed or nature will intervene. Don’t let hatred in any form take a hold in your heart.

We on this side understand what a challenging time this is on earth. You are in the greatest period of change ever in the history of time itself. Everything is changing, including your political structure. You have a choice in how you move forward. You can proceed with anger, self-righteousness, fear and such. Or you can be the agent of change you seek. The way to do this is to detach emotionally, for emotions will blind you, and view it from the perspective of the High Self. In this space you will receive the guidance you need in how to respond. You are meant to be an agent of change and how you respond makes all the difference. For your thoughts, words and actions create your world. Best not to do that from the lower perspective of the emotional ego personality, you see?

Would it surprise you to know that you signed up for this? That a multitude of souls lined up in hopes of incarnating during this evolutionary leap? You were chosen to incarnate for a purpose. Not everyone who wanted to come in was able to. Hardly. Many, many were turned away. Not you. With your unique gifts and abilities, you were given the opportunity to be an instrument of the Divine during one of the most magnificent periods in all of history. Yes, magnificent!

You have prepared for this. That preparation came through many years – many lifetimes – of spiritual training. And you are now well trained. Stand tall! Claim your Divine Power as a force for good! You are all powerful creators, here with a unique purpose. You have worked long and hard to expand your vibration, to lift yourselves, to resonate with the High Self. And I remind you of this in most every message – when you are in the presence of your High Self, you are in the presence of God. There is no greater power, no higher force, than the Divine. You cannot help but move to good when you align yourself as such. And all negativity, from all corners of the world, must fall to that Divine Power.

Meditate to flood yourself with Divine Light. That will see you throughout your day. Consciously connect with your High Self and live from that space.

With all your conviction, know that the future is a good one and thus, it will become so. Watch your thoughts, my friends, for they become your reality.

I end this communication as I began it. You are not alone in your desire for a peaceful, successful and Light-filled world. Those of us on this side are working side by side with you to make it so. Trust! Move forward in peace and wisdom. When you connect with the Divine, the guidance will be there on how to precede each step of the way. You are meant to think and speak and act aligned with the Divine. Do so.

You are blessed and so is your world. You are moving towards the pure expression of the Divine on earth and this is part of that process. Know that we love you, know that we care.

I bid you peace,