2017 Fall Equinox Message from Aca’u

The Equinox begins at 4:02 eastern on September 22, 2017

This message was channeled by Camille Albrecht on September 21, 2017

Greetings, it is I, Aca’u, who speaks to you now.

This is an unsettling time. Unpredictability rules now. You see this in the weather patterns, and also in government leadership. It is reflected in your personal life as well. Do you feel a bit out of sorts? Or perhaps, unable to find common ground with others? It can seem as if everyone is going in their own direction and no matter how hard you try to bring commonality, there is a strong streak of independence. It is as though people are immersed in their own personal affairs to the disregard of others. Internally, you may feel a bit ‘off your game’. Unsettled. Things may not be progressing as you thought or hoped they would.

Stop and take a deep breath. This, too, shall pass. I want you to turn inward for a moment and recognize all the good that is going on in your life. Right now, think of three things that are working for you; three areas that are stable or satisfactory. Three things to be grateful for.

In this time of unpredictability and uncertainty, it’s often easy to become engulfed by chaos or trauma, or worry about what’s around the corner. You can lose sight of the good that is around you. You need to return to the balance. Always seek the balance because that’s where your stability is found. And once you can anchor to that stability and balance, you can find your way. You can progress forward successfully through challenging times.

So, good things are happening, too, all around you and within. Focus on that for an entire day. Pick your day, write yourself reminder notes and stick them all around you and for that whole day, focus on the good. Whenever doubt or fear or discouragement enters, brush it off like a hot ash and tell yourself, “Not today. Today I see my strength. Today I see the beauty in the world. Today I trust it will all go well”. Now you’ve got it! You’ve created a strong, stable base from which to move forward well.

What’s in store over this equinox period? Expect continued unpredictability, people pushing their own agenda with an unwillingness to compromise, and weather changes. Yet, you can find inner stability, and develop resilience and trust. It is all created by your thoughts, which drive your behaviors and create that space. You’re more in control of your space than you realize. Begin with the recognition of what’s working in your life and within yourself. From that strong base, trust that you have all you need to see yourself through whatever challenge you face.

You’re not alone. You have Divine Assistance each step of the way. That holds true for you as an individual, for your country and for the world. Call on us! Many of you do and know that we respond. Karmic patterns must unfold. The changes required to evolve towards the Light Body must take place. Divine energy can bring comfort, direction, and strength. We can help to ease the process.

If you are ever going to develop a consistent meditation practice, now is the time. Meditation is the most important thing you can do to develop a sense of well being and positive growth. It can assist you in more ways than you realize. Spending time alone in that quiet space aligns you with your own inner guidance system. That will feed you all that you need throughout the day. Allow your wise reality self to be a conscious part of your life.

This is a time where the veil continues to be lifted. Deceit cannot function in these new energies. The truth will be unveiled. You’ve already seen this as the Aquarian Age energies unfold. It will continue more strongly. This is because, in the age of peace and brotherhood, there must be trust. People slowly begin to realize that the truth always comes out so it’s better to be honest to begin with. And from that honesty, trust begins to form. This is where you are heading as a civilization. Honesty, trust and mutual respect. You’ll get there!

Pockets of hatred are being exposed in order to be cleansed. Pockets of humanitarianism, love and compassion are also being exposed in order to be built upon. It’s all around you. Build on that. Bring kindness and compassion wherever you can. It adds to the universal bank and this will spill over to encourage others to act with kindness and compassion.

This is a time of great creativity, innovation and awakening. The dreams you’ve had for the new business, new house, new book, new activities can be made manifest in these energies. This is an exciting time of universal support to achieve your goals. Recognize this and move towards them through your thoughts and actions. In other words, take the next step with confidence.

You have access to more insight than ever before. As the veil lifts in your world, it also lifts between our worlds. You are more psychic, intuitive, and perceptive than ever. Your ability to communicate with angels, guides and your own higher self increases with each solstice and equinox. It’s as simple as starting your day with, “Good morning, friends! Thank you for being with me throughout my day.” Know that the protection and guidance you need are there.

There is such beauty unfolding. More and more Light workers are being born into the world each day. These are wise souls who need your guidance to do their part in bringing forward the world. They will stand on your shoulders – you are developing the structures within which they unfold. A strong connection with the Divine, resilience, determination for good, trust and kindness… let these be the legacy you leave to them. Not only will you build this into the fabric of your society, but also you will strengthen these thought forms in the atmosphere for all to tap into. You matter. Know this.

And know that you are very much loved.

I bid you peace,