Affirmations from the Seraph, Julian

The affirmations given by the Seraph, Julian, are copyrighted and offered on this site by the permission of the material’s guardian, Saul Srour. The Seraph, Julian, was channeled through Rev. June K. Burke for over 40 years. Practical and truly maginificent information is available through books, classes and workshops given by Rev. Burke and Julian. Please visit the Julian Teachings website for more information.

Affirmation to a Promote New Life Path

God is my source of all supply and answers my every need.

Within me, I joyously relax, release, laugh and love.

Within me I move and grow and find my perfect space.

It is with a great dance of life that I move forward.

I know that I will have all that I need, in every form, for I am about my Creator’s work.

So be it.