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Journey to Bethlehem

In this meditation, you can permit yourself to travel back in time to a most magical night, the night the Master Teacher Jesus was born. This meditation was provided by the Seraph, Julian (, edited and read by Camille Albrecht.

      1. Christmas Eve Meditation


2015 Winter Solstice Message from Aca’u

Channeled by Camille Albrecht on December 19, 2015

The 2015 Winter Solstice begins at 11:49 pm ET on December 21st

2015 Winter Solstice

2015 Winter Solstice

Greetings, it is I, Aca’u who speaks to you now.

Roaring lions, rattling the sabers, blustering and threatening; for thousands of years it has been this way when mankind competes with each other. Yet, in the Age of Peace, it is time for mankind to put down the threats and weapons and learn a new way. For hatred breeds more hatred, fear breeds more fear, and killing breeds more killing. What you send out comes back to you. This you know is true in your personal lives. What you think, say and do is returned back to you. This is also true for groups, communities and governments. The terror groups that are inflicting fear, torture, cruelty, and forced evacuation of home and land must be stopped. What you are seeing is a coming together of world leaders to face this common enemy. Countries that would not have worked in unison find that they must in order to address this global threat. You will continue to see people put down their self-righteousness for the sake of cooperative efforts. In this way, a more global community is formed. Although the threats from terror groups are real and dangerous, these groups will be defeated. The energies building in the Age of Aquarius will not and cannot sustain them.

You are also seeing fear built and prejudice opinions abound, bullying and mudslinging in your politics. The news reports would have you think that the majority of the population supports this. But, look at the reality. What you see and hear are deep-seated prejudices and fears being brought to light. Bullying in families, schools, work environments and yes, in politics is coming up in order to be examined and address. And so you ask yourself, is this how I feel? Does this hold any resonance within me? In this way, you are able to purge from you those things that may have been planted in your subconscious either by yourself or by others that are tainted with fear, prejudice, name calling and disrespect of others. Evil is being rooted out; trust this. It is being brought to the surface internationally, within nations and within individuals. By seeing others espouse so vehemently are you better able to assess what you truly think about immigration, war, gun law, your opponents and such.

We cannot have a peaceful world if deep within are poisons. And that is what the beginning of this new millennium is about. It brings up the poisons to be exposed and purged.

If you believe that your thoughts impact not only your life but the world, then pay attention to what your thoughts are, especially those regarding your country’s future and its response to the global challenges of the day.

You see, humans have magnificent minds. Your ability for ingenuity and innovation permits you to solve today’s issues. And know that those of us on this side are assisting you. We see where you are headed and know that The Age of Peace, Brotherhood and Sisterhood will triumph. You are not alone as you face personal problems and global issues. Your creativity, focus and will, combined with the Divine Assistance that is ever there for you, will successfully steer you through rough waters.

Peace begins with you; the same is true of compassion and kindness. Be kind. The first statement of Rev. June Burke’s life creed was, “I will be as kind as I can possibly be”. What a wonderful foundation with which to begin each day. It adds acceptance, understanding and compassion to the world. This is not trivial, my friends. This is how the universe works. The healings you send out, the Light you deliver to yourself and others, works. Understand your power.

This isn’t to say you throw caution to the wind and ignore the very real threats that exist. Be aware of your surroundings. Each of you should have emergency supplies should there be flooding or power outages. Keep your gas tank over half full in case you need to evacuate; keep cash on hand at home should banks be unavailable. Self-reliance is critical during such times. That’s just common sense.

So you have a choice. You can live in fear and anger at the news and debates and terrorists and global changes. Or you can strive to create healthy, productive responses that focus on solutions. “I believe we’ll see this through successfully” is a good over-all statement to stand on.

There is much potential for happiness and good during this Winter Solstice. Practical creativity abounds. Innovative ideas can be made manifest. This will be true throughout 2016. And, the economy continues towards overall improvement.

Expect great changes to take place in education and in the correctional system over the next several years.

You have everything you need to address the challenges in your life. Please understand that with each solstice and equinox, the vibration of the universe increases, as does your vibration. That means you are more in tune with your Light Body and all the wisdom and joy it holds. Tap into it often. The Light brings you the peace and understanding you need in any situation. That Light resides in you at all times, awaiting your call. Allow it to fill you with the guidance, inspiration and understanding you need. It is your Divine Right to be happy, productive and successful. You are fully capable of creating that life. Trust yourself, believe in yourself, and believe in your country.

In this most beautiful season of restoring inner balance, I bid you peace and joy,



The Energy of the Winter Solstice

The following is a brief description of the energy of the Winter Solstice and the Christ Consciousness.

      1. The Energy of the Winter Solstice


The following is a Winter Solstice Meditation given by the Seraph, Julian (, edited and read by Camille Albrecht.

      2. Winter Solstice Meditation

2015 Fall Equinox Message from Aca’u

2015 Fall Equinox Message from Aca’u

channeled by Camille Albrecht on September 23, 2015tumblr_static_autumn-autumn-35540976-2560-1600-1

The Fall Equinox began September 23rd at 4:22 am EDT and 8:22 UTC

Greetings, it is I, Aca’u who speaks to you now. The energies continue to lighten. You have seen improvements in the economy, in the job market and in public attitude this year. Businesses are expanding within an atmosphere of growth. There is a resurgence of optimism as the universal energies deliver buoyancy and the desire for expansion. This is a time of confidence and a willingness to take risks to move forward.

In your personal lives, no matter what you are going through, you are able to more readily touch the energies of hope, trust and belief in beneficial outcome. There are difficult challenges facing humanity and for many, difficult personal challenges, but a way through it successfully emerges. Awakenings and insights occur that present solutions. For this is a time of innovation. You can do it differently than you have in the past. The ability to access inner strength combined with creative problem solving is there for you.

No matter how desperate, confusing or frightening things appear, change is here. And that change is bringing movement forward from where you are now to a new space. Know that the new space will bring improvement, whatever the situation is. You now have more tools at your disposal than ever and those tools work to impact your world from the inside of you and they impact outside circumstances.

It begins with how you perceive a situation. You can magnify what you perceive as negative, adding the emotions of anger, despair, worry and such to it. This intensifies the problem and disables your ability to handle it well. You become blinded and bound by the overwhelming emotions of it. You move yourself out of reach of the solution. This creates a cycle of increased worry and the problem intensifies as more negative energy is added to it. The issue mushrooms as your ability to handle it diminishes.

Now, it may take some strength and resolve, but you can stop this progression by stopping the thought process that got you there. Stop yourself and say, “How can I look at this differently? Let me detach from the emotions of it and look at the facts.” View whatever it is as an opportunity to change what isn’t working or is out of balance or is unhealthy. You know that everything is changing, everything is moving forward. You can take what isn’t working and create a bridge that takes it to a better place. So you stop and ask yourself, “How can I handle this better?” Your emotions will calm and that alone increases clarity of thought. Once that begins, you can help others who may be involved handle it better, too.

Once you detach from the emotions that are dragging you down, you are able to deal with whatever it is from a stronger space. You aren’t stuck in the mud. If you can detach, even for a moment to say, “Okay, this is how it stands now. I don’t like it but this is what it is. With the Divine Power working in me and through me, I can handle this situation.” And you call forth the Divine Power and work with a fresh perspective. Mind is all and once you view it differently at the mental level, your emotions will change. And when that happens, a more balanced space is created that enables you to function well in the situation.

The energies of today increase your ability to think creatively. You’ll see this at work in your life. Use it! Creativity can be used in anything you do, from your artwork to decorating, to how you talk with your children to how you clean your house. Encourage your ability to think and act with more creativity by doing things differently; shake up your routine. It’s as simple as brushing your teeth with your left hand if you always brush them with your right. This stimulates your brain and muscles in a new way that spills over into other areas of your life. Take a new route home. You’ve never drawn? Pick up a pen and just do it. Stretch your repertoire. The universal energies support exploration and inventiveness. This is a time of new creative self-expression.

You will have more ‘ah ha!’ moments as new understandings awaken within you. All of a sudden, the light bulb goes on and you see something in a new light. You understand it in a new way. This brings a freedom because often, the insight breaks down a wall or blockage within you and it doesn’t ‘get’ you anymore. Take note of these. See how this energy of expansion works to expand your comprehension as well. You are getting smarter, folks!

This is such an exciting time. For in addition, your access to the spiritual world is expanding. I’ve talked with you often about this and once again, there is an increase in vibration as the Equinox takes place. That increase puts you even closer to the vibration of the Inner Plane. Tap in. It is always there to assist you. Always. As Edgar Cayce said many years ago of spiritual guidance, it can assist you whether you are digging for fishing worms or playing a concerto. No matters are too great or too small to call on Divine Assistance.

You will decide your country’s ‘philosophy of life’ with the presidential election next year. Very different approaches are emerging as to the direction your country will take in terms of its values, attitudes and purpose. Do your homework and get involved. I want you to understand something. When you hear ‘it will be as it is meant to be’, sometimes that is because that is how you voted. It is not something descending from outside of you that creates the outcome, it is the logical result of the Law of Cause and Effect. It will be as it is meant to be, by your choice. Remember that.

Just as in your personal life innovation, freedom and insights are there, so too is this accessible in handling international challenges. Governments must look to the root cause of the problem, rather than the symptoms, and change it from there. You can assist by sending Light, managing your thoughts and emotions, and by voting for politicians who reflect your values.

Carry your faith and optimism forward in all you think, say and do. You are change agents bringing in a bright, fulfilling future. As architects of the Aquarian Age, design the world you want to live in.

Have you noticed a desire to have more fun? That’s part of this year’s Fall Equinox energies, too. Be sure to balance your time between work and play. Play is what brings you relaxation and joy. Make time for it in your life on a regular basis and it will reward you in so many ways. Understand something. When you are out of balance in anything, in managing too many responsibilities, in not managing enough of them, it curtails your ability to function at your best. Seek the balanced life and watch how effective you are.

My dear friends, you are so loved! Open your ears, your eyes, your hearts and minds to us. We are here to assist in all you do. Remember that the Light always works. And those of us on this side walk hand in hand with you.

I bid you peace,


2015 Summer Solstice Message from Aca’u

Channeled by Camille Albrecht on June 21, 2015

The 2015 Summer Solstice begins on June 21st at 12:38 p.m. EDT 11:38 a.m. CDT, 10:38 a.m. MDT and 9:38 a.m. PDT

Greetings, it is I, Aca’u, who speaks to you now,

This Summer Solstice brings energies of joy. You have come through a harsh winter and spring; now is your time to rest, restore and recuperate. Take time this summer to do so. The energies still encourage you to grow, but within an atmosphere that nurtures and strengthens.

Summer SolsticeYou are meant to express your individuality. You are meant to discover what your personal skills, traits, strengths and resources are. In 2013, 2014 and 2015, your character traits that need balancing are coming to the fore. You are meant to recognize within yourself, either by self reflection or through feedback from others, what is meant to be carried into the new millennium and what your are meant to leave behind.

This is a kinder, gentler Age. It is an Age of Brotherhood and Sisterhood. Hatred is being purged from your world. I understand that from your perspective, that might be difficult to recognize. But trust, my friends, that this is true. Hatred is being brought to the surface to be identified and destroyed. For it will not be tolerated in the energies that are unfolding.

The world evolves not by magic, nor by space beings that come in and repair it all; not by the descent of Divine Beings to create a fanciful cloud out of Peace Dust. There are some that continue to look outside of themselves for the answers. No. The answers, the cure, the resolution comes from within you. The world evolves – humanity evolves – through trial and error, cause and effect. Thus, you learn discernment in the use of your free will and decision-making. In other worlds, you evolve in your ability to create a peaceful world. Now, the planetary energies assist in your unfoldment, of course. They provide the energies that push you and prod you, and encourage you to move and grow. And the energies of the Age of Aquarius are energies that resonate with peace and Divine Love more strongly than you have ever experienced. This means it is easier then ever to tap into vibrations of compassion, kindness, understanding and wisdom. Such vibrations are higher than those dealing simply with self-focus and survival, getting ahead at whatever cost and fulfilling base desires. You have grown through those experiences as well.

The Piscean Age was to teach self-discipline, among other things. It taught that to meet your needs of survival and material success, you had to sacrifice some things for the sake of others. It honed your ability to focus your will to create what you want and to forsake pursuing helter-skelter a myriad of desires. So you enter the Aquarian Age with the ability to create at a higher level. You are learning that when you combine your will with imagination, adding focus and trust, you can create anything you desire. What you desire is also vibrating at a higher level. And with the rate of manifestation continuing to increase, those creations are manifesting more quickly than ever.

You are learning to accept increased responsibility as co-creators with the Divine. You are powerful creators and gaining in power with each solstice and equinox.

This is why those parts of you not vibrating at a high level must be brought to the surface and purged. You are a Divine Being in a physical body with earthly emotions and thoughts that stem from the ego personality. You have come into this lifetime with a history from your past. Piscean Age lessons must be worked through so you can enter into your future unencumbered by the past. Many of you have had some major life challenges or lessons in these past few years – some of these lessons continuing now. This is so you can ‘see yourself in action’. What in you needs to be brought into balance? For some, this is a tendency to over-work. For others, you may be coming face to face with the fact that you live with too much fear and worry. Some are realizing it is over-spending that is their weakness. The issues are as varied as people on the planet. But I tell you, look within. For some, it is a fear of commitment; others – an uneasiness being alone. You are facing current lessons because there is something in you that is attracting them. And its purpose is to seek Light, Balance and Wholeness. Ask for Divine Assistance in what ever it is you are dealing with. Divine Assistance won’t do it for you, but will guide you, support, comfort and strengthen you so that you can accomplish whatever you put your mind to.

The Summer Solstice energies encourage you to continue to hone the self and to ennoble the self. You are healing wounds carried forth from the Piscean Age and this process is meant to create great strength and wisdom within you. For by courageously looking within and with honest self-assessment, you can release what is not resonating with The Light and gain self-mastery. This is The Hero’s Journey. And you are The Hero. You are being drawn towards The Light as a moth to a flame. As such, The Light grows within you so that you may fully express the Light Being that you are.

This is the context within which you live now. However, with this great push towards personal and global evolvement is a gentling of the energies. It is easier to smile now. There is happiness in the air; a lightness. Feel the joy that permeates the atmosphere. This is a time of great healing; healing that goes right to the very core of your cells and heals from the inside out. Breathe it in and allow yourself to bask in it. How? By taking the time to just be this summer. Take a stroll, meander or simply sit and take in nature. It is important to give yourself time without directed thought to allow the reception of healing forces that surround you.

And please allow yourself to have fun. This is a buoyant time; a time of optimism and cheer. Fan it. Do those things that bring you joy. When you tap into it, you will easily draw to you energies that encourage you to play, have fun and laugh. Laughter heals! You know this and I ask you to take advantage of it.

Pay attention and you will find that the mountains appear more majestic, flowers seem more beautiful, water – more refreshing. Why? Because nature is gaining in power. Take some time to notice this. Nature is restoring balance not just to the planet, but to everyone on the planet as well. You are meant to form a partnership with nature now and together, create Utopia.

All around you are the resources you need to have a happier, more balanced life. Hold the thought that your life now and in the future holds success and joy, security and love. You will attract what you send out. If you hold the intention without waver, The Light will deliver it to you more perfectly than you could have ever imagined. Just realize the bumps along the way are not obstacles on the Path, but necessary to make the adjustments needed. Know with a certainly that you are heading towards a better world. And you are the instruments of the Divine that make it so.

You are loved, you are supported and you are never alone.

I bid you peace,


2014 Winter Solstice Message from Aca’u

Channeled by Camille Albrecht on December 21, 2014
The 2014 Winter Solstice begins at 6:03 pm ET on December 21st

Greetings, it is I, Aca’u who speaks to you now.

Breathe in deeply the peace of the season. That energy is all around you. The atmosphere is filled with love, gentleness, and compassion. It can be deeply healing if you allow it in. Love generated by those of you on earth combines with love from the heavens and permeates the atmosphere now. Pockets of distress are being filled with this Light. YouSymbols of Many Faiths add to it each time you allow the feelings of love, gentleness and compassion to grow within you. These are sent out into the atmosphere and magnified by similar thoughts from others. This creates a powerful force for good.

It is you who create your world. And this time of year is especially filled with thoughts of peace and generosity. Let that be your focus. Where can you add joy and compassion to the world? Smile. Tell someone, “I think you’re great!” Say, “I love you” from your heart. When you add such thoughts, feelings and actions to the universal bank, it diminishes the power of the wrongdoings and challenges in the world. The energy of love is the most powerful energy in the universe. It conquers all. You can create a more loving, joyful world by consciously choosing the path of peace.

Why do you think the holidays exist? What is their purpose? Each faith takes time out during this time to celebrate The Light. It is a time to declare your gratitude, generosity, peace and Divine Love. In this manner, do you enter the New Year aligned with the I AM.

Foster it; grow it. Drink in all the Divine Love that permeates the atmosphere and allow it to deeply heal you. Once you have filled yourself with all the Light you can hold, shine it outward as the Sun and all you encounter will feel that compassion and love man-radiating-lovepermeate from you. Your eyes, your voice, your touch will demonstrate acceptance, compassion and love. And so do you heal by your presence. This is something you can do each day. And so is your universe healed.

Expect miracles in 2015. It will be a magical year. The universal energies are creating unexpected blessings. Sudden turns of events that make life easier will occur. Dare to dream big. You can create greater financial stability, improved health; whatever the need is. It will be easier to curtail what needs to be curtailed in your life and to expand in those areas that need expansion. Why? While the planet continues towards its goal of exposing poisons, correcting injustices and rooting out evil, the Divine Energy needed to meet these challenges is increased. The vibration of the universe increases with each Solstice and Equinox, which provides more access to Divine Power.

Feel it. It’s easier to function now, isn’t it? Challenges exist but are somehow more tolerable, or the solution is in sight, or collective rallying is providing strength to face the foe.

I tell you this to alert you to the strengths within you and around you. Pay attention. You can shoulder your burdens more easily now. Courage! Faith! You can succeed.

The energies support success in 2015. Be open and accept the Divine Inspiration that is around you. You can have flashes of insight into anything you are dealing with now. This is a year of awakening.

Meditation will accelerate your ability to tap into the wonder and magic of 2015. I use these words quite specifically. Expect unexpected good things to occur. They will occur in small ways as well as the big ones. You can magnetize yourself to attract this by meditation, and by accepting that miracles can occur. Live in awareness of your oneness with the Divine.

It is in God’s mind that you live and move and have your being. What then, need you fear? God’s mind is Love and Light and all-powerful. This is your birthright. This is who you are and what you are. Feel it; live it. Your faith in your own ability, aligned with the I AM can move mountains.

When you are frightened, feeling alone or in pain, reach out for Divine Assistance. Trust that it will never let you down. Ever. Because the Light always works. It is always there to provide the strength, guidance and inspiration that you need.

You are here on earth with a purpose. You came to create more balance within yourself and thus, within the universe. So your life lessons are with purpose. Don’t turn away from them. Yet realize that you are never meant to handle them alone. You have a very special guardian angel assigned only to you that works with you every single moment of your life. Their great joy is to be of assistance. Feel your angel beside you and know that your betterment is their prime focus.

You know you have Guides as well; your Divine friends assigned only to you. As with your angel, your guide’s focus and great joy are to help you be the best that you can be. Open your arms to them. Let them in. All that you need to face your challenges and to be the successful, fulfilled person you are meant to be is there for you.

My dear friends, you are instruments of the Divine. Divine energy lives and breathes in you. Feel it permeate every cell. Close your eyes for just one moment and breathe in Divine Power. See it fill every cell of you being; your body, your heart, your mind. This is the stuff that powers your day. Let it work for you.

Be at peace in this most blessed of seasons. We celebrate on this side of the veil just as you celebrate on earth. Amongst all your worries and concerns, let Light shower down around you and in you. It will show you the way through it all. And as that Light fills you, be a bringer of joy and love and peace in your world.

It is an honor to incarnate, you know.

May you have a joyous Winter Solstice Season of Light.

I bid you peace,

Aca’u Class and Meditation on the 2014 Fall Equinox

In this class provided September 15, 2014, Aca’u shares his 2014 Fall Equinox message verbally and includes information on The Rounds, which areremember-spirit3114355 universal evolutionary stages of development. Aca’u also provides a meditation to get in sync with the new equinox energies and a healing for all those impacted by the Ebola virus.

Below is a DropBox link to the class recording. If you have any problems accessing it, please email me at


Aca’u Class and Meditation on the 2014 Fall Equinox:



2014 Fall Equinox Message from Aca’u

This message was channeled by Camille Albrecht on September 14, 2014

The Fall Equinox begins at 10:29 pm EDT on September 22, 2014

and at @:29 UTC on September 23, 2014.

Greetings, it is I, Aca’u who speaks to you now. World weary, that’s how many are feeling. You see the world in crisis with no let-up in sight. I 311484_168986039845671_4611112_ntell you truth, you are moving towards a better future. These poisons must be routed out. Hatred comes to the surface to be annihilated. You are moving into an Age of Peace but the birthing process is slow; its creation is slow. Yet only from your perspective, for in reality, it is happening in the blink of an eye.

You are going through evolutionary changes as your planet has never experienced before. You are experiencing the Age change, the Earth changes and a Round change all simultaneously. Having all three evolutionary changes at once is unprecedented. So, your personal lives are being played out within the context of massive evolutionary upheaval that is moving you all towards a more balanced existence. One where there is more peace, more recognition of the God within, greater respect for nature, and a higher vibratory rate. The higher vibration aligns the ego personality more closely with the High Self, so communication between the two will be much easier. These are all happening now. And to move into these new spaces or energy patterns requires the purging and releasing you see. The acknowledgement of that which must change can only take place after it is revealed. In other words, you don’t know what needs changing if it remains hidden. So the unveiling, the revealing of those things that cannot be sustained in the new vibration is occurring.

Hatred. Hatred will not be tolerated in this new vibration. The Seraph, Julian has told you this, as have I. Those who hate will either self-destruct, be destroyed or nature will intervene. And so you have those with hatred burning in their chests that are being called to gather and rally their forces. Their identification and subsequent union with others of like-minds will be their demise.

Your world needs much Light now to quicken this time of purging. And you are the instruments of Light in the world. Your sending Light to areas in need alters the path, and accelerates the movement towards peace. Keep your work alive. Daily send love and Light to people and areas in need. It makes a great difference.

In your personal lives, you are evolving at a rapid rate. What would have taken lifetimes to accomplish on the evolutionary scale, you are now able to accomplish in one lifetime. You can now leap three, four, even five rungs on the evolutionary ladder, whereas in the past, one rung’s climb would have taken lifetimes. The challenges you face are equal to the reward. And the assistance you need is there. So don’t get discouraged when you see what is going on in the world and in your life. It is all for the purpose of moving towards a life of increased balance and happiness.

The Fall Equinox is a time of reaping the harvest of what was sown. This will be a time of culmination, and in that, great activity. You will feel energized after the relative calmness of the summer. Decide what you would like to accomplish; you will have the stamina to accomplish it. To reap the harvest may mean completion. You may be wrapping up a project, in the final stages of healing, finishing a book you started, leaving a marriage or a job, or even a way of life in preparation for the new one. So what needs to be done to bring it to completion? What do you need to finish? Or release? The universal energies will help you bring it to a close so you have space in your life for the new.

This is also a time to have some fun. Try something different. Dare to do it! This equinox gives you great creativity and stamina, with a keen sense of freedom and exploration. Use it! Create opportunities to experience fun and joy in your life. This, too, spills over into the universe and adds big dollops of happiness into the universal bank. The more happiness you create, the more happiness others can create. Each day, find someone to smile at. Give it a try and you’ll see, the more you smile, the happier you will feel. Happiness builds on itself. Take one moment right now to smile. You see how your heart lightens during that moment? It is a simple thing, with vast ramifications.

Let your heart be Light.

You have a choice how you face your day; how you face your challenges. This is a time of great change. You are evolving rapidly, and you are facing great challenges as an individual, a nation and a world. Yet, it is your choice how you face them – with a dour face? With anger and fear? Or with acceptance and love, and faith in the future?

You are creating your life each day and as a whole, you create your world. What will your contribution be?

You will get through this patch! Visualize success. There are stressful energies you can tap into now or there are creative, joyful energies to tap into. The choice is yours.

Know that you are never alone. We are always here to guide you, to support you, with love and great faith in each one of you.

Do cherish your gift of life on earth.

I bid you peace,

2014 Summer Solstice Message from Aca’u

Channeled by Camille Albrecht on June 21, 2014

The Summer Solstice began at 6:51 am EDT on June 21, 2014summer_solstice_by_kancano-d3hz6ju

Greetings, it is I, Aca’u who speaks to you now. Take heart. There is purpose to the dramatic energies you are experiencing. The purging continues. Many of you have been in a purging process for the past 4 to 5 years. Recognize that you are cleansing from the very depths of your being that which has been carried over from the Piscean Age and cannot withstand the vibrations of the Aquarian Age. What I mean by this is that you have incarnated again and again over thousands of years’. And over that time, you have created, by your words, thoughts and actions, various diverse effects in your life. Some of these resonate with the high energies of the Aquarian Age and some do not. The imbalances and wounds that you have brought forward from the Piscean Age must be released at this time. They cannot vibrate with the high energies of today. As these energies combine, the higher burns away the lower.

So, many are experiencing crises and challenges in their health, family life, friendships, or employment. Some are having great conflicts within the self that create doubt, loneliness or fear. You will purge, heal and be re-born to resonate with the highest vibrations that have occurred since the beginning of time. You are being tested, honed, and fine-tuned in order to express your highest potential.

What are the keys to success in this time of great change? Be and let be. Let go of judging another. You have the laws of the land and those must be followed. Beyond that, there are Universal Laws that ensure the universe evolves towards wholeness in a balanced manner. So, there is a far greater judge than you who will take care of things. In your life, you have the right to determine who you spend time with and how you interact. You may disagree with how another person handles something and you have the right to say, “I would have handled it differently.” And, you may choose not to spend time with that person. However, you do not have the right to condemn or berate them, or to gossip about them. That creates a karmic debt and in the long run, it will come back to be corrected within you. Understand that in Reality, you are one with your brothers and sisters, as different as appearances may seem. Rather than focus on that what divides you, look for the bridges between you. “Where can you meet?” That is what the Aquarian Age is about, harmony within diversity.

Remember, love heals all. This includes loving yourself — your whole self. To heal you, you must love you. I have spoken of this often. There are many teachings today that condemn the ego-personality. They ask that you ignore this aspect of yourself, or repress it, or disdain it. Some even refer to the ego personality as ‘the enemy of the Self’.

How can you move towards wholeness and Light if you are negating a critical aspect of your self? The ego personality is to be loved, nourished and brought into balance just as every other aspect of you is to be treated this way. A balanced ego is one who listens to the voice of the High Self. The High Self is perfect, whole, loving, wise and one with the Creator. It is who you are in your Reality. When the ego is out of balance, it likes to think it is in control. Yet, the ego is subject to the illusions of the physical world and as such, doesn’t have the wisdom that the High Self has. So, you love the ego of you and lovingly teach it to defer to your High Self. How? Listen to that still, small voice within. Train the ego to listen to the High Self through meditation. The High Self will never steer your wrong. It functions without the emotions of the day-to-day world, without anger and impatience. It functions with acceptance and joy. Tap into it, for it is always there for you.

These times call for patience. You are going through great change and so is everyone else. Because you understand the purpose and nature of these changes, you can assist others by your patience, acceptance and understanding. Be a beacon of Light, a bringer of peace. You are a Light Worker and are needed to assist in this great evolutionary leap. That’s one of the reasons you are here.

The infamous Cardinal Cross continues to create dynamic tension for another month and then begins to weaken. You will feel some pressure alleviate in mid-July. Emotions won’t be so exaggerated. It will be easier to re-gain self control in terms of eating and exercise patterns. You will see improvements in your ability to relax and to sleep, along with having calmer emotions. August will bring even more relief. And with September comes a whole new energy pattern that will be discussed in detail when that time arrives. Things lighten up substantially!  J

Another key to success now is to look for the little joys and miracles in your every day life. They are all around you if you will open your eyes, ears and heart to them. There is great beauty in the bounty of nature now. Let the healing power of nature restore you. Each person resonates to the elements differently at different times. Take time with each element. Spend time with the great power of the wind, as well as the gentle breeze that caresses your cheek. Perhaps you are drawn to the warmth of a crackling campfire or the grounding that comes under the shade of a oak tree. Floating on the cool waters and splashing in the waves can bring the healing powers of water into your life. If you take time to truly experience the elements, you’ll find they restore a sense of peace and balance within you.

You can choose to spend your day looking for what is wrong or looking for what’s right. It is your choice, what you focus on. Take time throughout your day to be mindful of what you are focusing on at that moment. This practice teaches you to pay attention to your thoughts, to what you are creating and enhancing.

I understand that for many of you or those you love, this is a difficult time. However, if you focus on the negatives, you will only exaggerate them. Everything has polarity. There is purpose in what is occurring. Bless it, whatever it is, and know the Light will bring a beneficial outcome. You change the situation by changing your attitude towards it. “This may be how it is now, but I know it is changing for the good”. Let that be your mantra.

The Summer Solstice period is a time of restoration, relaxation, slowing down and taking time to just be. Do what you need to in order to allow for this.

It’s important to have fun now. July begins a time where it will be easier to engage in activities that bring joy. So, plan a picnic, a day at the beach, a stroll in the park; go to a concert, invite friends over. This is a time where fun and social activities are enhanced. Call a friend you haven’t spoken with for awhile; strike out to meet new people in activities you enjoy. Decide that this will be a summer of great fun and then, make it happen!

You are the captain of your ship, the master of your fate.

You are creating the pattern for the new age and its birth brings great challenges, yet great joys as well. In the process, treat yourself and others with kindness, for kindness goes a long way to create the kind of world you want.

Play in the sand, my friends, dance with the winds. If you keep an open ear to the voice of your High Self and a deep faith in yourself, then happiness, health and success are yours.

I bid you peace,




Mercury Retrograde

Mercury goes retrograde for about two weeks, three times a year. 


In a nutshell, remain flexible, slow down and allow extra time for travel during the retrograde period. This is a time to complete projects, review plans, clean out drawers, closets, basements and garages. Those things begun prior to the retrograde can be completed now. Wait to initiate new projects or make final decisions until Mercury is direct.

Communications can become difficult. People can misunderstand you and you misunderstand them. Written communication can become troublesome for any number of reasons. I’ll explain more.

Mercury retrogrades for about three weeks, three to four times a year. No planet actually orbits backwards around the Sun, but they appear to retrograde because of their position in relationship toearth. Mercury retrogrades more frequently than any other planet, and its effects are often quite noticeable.

Mercury is the planet of written and verbal communication, travel, contracts and documents, along with communication equipment, such as computers, phones and television. In fact, any equipment with movable parts is ruled by Mercury. When Mercury is retrograde, all of these areas can be impacted.

Communications get muddled, luggage lost, travel plans disrupt, we miss important details in a contract, computers crash… plans just don’t go as we’d intended. There can be delays, forgotten appointments, cancellations and reschedules. The kitchen cabinets you ordered under the retrograde arrive the wrong style; the employee hired ends up quitting within three months. That’s because the retrograde period is not a time to initiate new projects or activities.

Back up your computer prior to a retrograde. Reconfirm appointments, double check flights before you leave, take carry on luggage rather than check-in, wait to order items or hire people until after the retrograde. This is not a time to put your home on the market or to make a major purchase. Things can be missed or skipped over. We tend to change our minds about major decisions made under a retrograde. So it’s best, for example, not to try a new hair color or even a new hair stylist under a retrograde.

This is because things that are initiated under a retrograde usually need to be revisited. Astrologer Susan Miller writes, “In matters of the heart, if your boyfriend or girlfriend breaks up with you or says something hurtful, take a wait-and-see attitude. Since Mercury rules speech, they may not mean what you think they are saying now. Let them have some space, and wait to see if they mean in October what they said in September.”

There are lots of positive things about a Mercury retrograde period if you work with the energy rather than against it. Mercury retrograde means slow down. This is a time to ponder and reflect, make repairs, clean out drawers and closets, and gather information for decisions to be made once Mercury goes direct. It is a time to complete projects. Finish any projects that you just haven’t had time or the inclination to complete. Get your resume up to date. This is a great time for research. The mind turns inward, facts come forward, information is uncovered. Under a retrograde, long-standing problems can be solved. This is a time to heal old wounds and release inner blockages. Meditation can be highly productive, with many new insights revealed.

Annie Heese and Adam Bank of write, “It is important to note that there is absolutely no reason to suspend projects or anything of the sort during the Mercury Retrograde cycle. It’s not an ideal time to start new ones or to sign contracts, simply because a change of mind is very possible once Mercury turns direct. However, it’s a fabulous time to do some “outside of the box” thinking. Acting on our ideas, however, might be best left for a Mercury Direct period.”

Life doesn’t stop under a retrograde! Just double check things. If you are hosting a conference, have several people edit the brochures to make sure the facts are printed accurately, test out the equipment to be used, confirm the conference site with the number of attendees, dates, times and rooms needed.

Remember to keep your sense of humor! Usually the glitches that occur under a retrograde are annoyances rather than disasters.

What about people born with Mercury retrograde? These individuals tend to take time in decision making, often doing their research while Mercury is direct and making the decision under the retrograde. They tend to flow well with the retrograde period and don’t have the delays and bumps in the road that others do. Mercury retrograde folks tend to be a bit more philosophical in nature and their sense of humor a bit unconventional. Their perspective can be unique and important in teamwork, as they’ll see things others may miss.