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The Astrology of 2017

The Astrology of 2017

 Presented by Camille Albrecht

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Details will follow after Jan. 28th on how to purchase this class recording.

This is an unprecedented time in our history and in the planet configurations. 2017 holds powerful energies for manifesting the new and innovative. In addition, we will continue to undergo great challenges on an individual, national and global level. As we calibrate to the higher vibrations, new opportunities await for our creative self-expression and growth.

As an astrologer, spiritual teacher and channel for 35 years, I’ve extensively researched the planetary energies that are unfolding. While our challenges are great, so are our opportunities for evolvement. This workshop is designed to share what is occurring in the heavens and how to best navigate your way through. You don’t need to know a thing about astrology to benefit.

Date: Saturday, January 28, 2017
Time: 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Cost: $50.00
Location: Muskegon Community College
Blue and Gold Room
221 S. Quarterline Road, Muskegon, MI

No beverage service is provided; please feel free to bring something to drink.

RSVP to confirm attendance

Please share this invitation with family and friends.
Absolutely everyone is welcome to attend!

Details will follow after Jan. 28th on how to purchase a class recording.

Please note that one class only will be provided at this workshop My original plan to teach two topics in one day was overly ambitious. There will be plenty for us to discuss with The Astrology of 2017! Channeled Writing will be taught in the Spring.

Aca’u Class and Meditation on the 2014 Fall Equinox

In this class provided September 15, 2014, Aca’u shares his 2014 Fall Equinox message verbally and includes information on The Rounds, which areremember-spirit3114355 universal evolutionary stages of development. Aca’u also provides a meditation to get in sync with the new equinox energies and a healing for all those impacted by the Ebola virus.

Below is a DropBox link to the class recording. If you have any problems accessing it, please email me at


Aca’u Class and Meditation on the 2014 Fall Equinox:



Astrology & Affirmations: Manifest Your Best in 2014

 Saturday, February 1, 2014

I’ll let you know when the audio version of this class is available in mid-February.

We are in the midst of dramatic, uncommon astrological configurations that are resulting in global and personal transformation. Astrologers have named it, The Cardinal Cross Years. As we move into 2014, the energies enable us to contact Spirit more readily and to manifest more powerfully than ever before. We are moving Kagaya_the_universerapidly towards living at one with our High Self.

Astrology and Affirmations are tools that have withstood the test of time. As an astrologer, spiritual teacher and channel for over 35 years’, I’ve researched these subjects extensively. As result, I’ve designed a class to share what is occurring in the heavens and most importantly, how to best navigate  your way through. You don’t need to know a thing about astrology to benefit.

This class is packed with practical information to help you make sense of these challenging times, and to feel more confident about the future. You’ll walk away with specific knowledge and tools to proceed with success. You’ll also have detailed written guidelines for navigating through this time well and design a concise, empowering personal affirmation to manifest your best in 2014.

Date: Saturday, February 1, 2014

Time: 9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Cost: $60.00

Location: Muskegon Community College, Blue & Gold Room

221 S. Quarterline Road, Muskegon, MI

RSVP Camille at to confirm attendance,

and I’ll be sure to have enough handouts.

Please share this invitation with family and friends.

Absolutely everyone is welcome to attend!

Enter the Void to Birth Something New in Your Life

What would bring you great joy, a new relationship? More fulfilling work? Greater health?

In this class, Aca’u explains the impact of universal energies over the past five years. This has been a turbulent time with great purpose. Aca’u shares where we are meant to go from here.

The class begins with a gentle led meditation to bring calm and centering. Then, walking through a corridor that leaves the past behind and seeing your future – a happy one, ahead.

For healing and restoration, Aca’u will take you on a journey into The Void. Here, you will experience some of the greatest peace you have images-1ever known. This is a space of calm and inner knowing. This is a beautiful space to enter when you need to be replenished. It is also the space where you touch what it is you want to bring in to your life. Aca’u refers to The Void as a place where we can access “God’s playdoh” to create whatever it is we want to create in our lives. Everyone, no matter who, no matter where, is now in the process of bringing something new into their lives. This meditation can bring it into manifestation.

Next, Aca’u provides a perfect healing technique to rid you of something from this lifetime or a past lifetime that is causing distress. You may not even know the cause, only the result. Perhaps you have a fear of closed spaces, or deny yourself financial success or a fulfilling relationship. This healing exercise goes right to the core of the issue, as it resides in your subconscious mind, to release it at its very roots. You can use this simple technique again and again for anything within you – or within another – that needs healing. It works!

This class provides go-to exercises and meditations that you’ll be able to use throughout your life. Bright Blessings to you!

A digital recording can be purchased for $15 through PayPal or by contacting me at . Once purchased, I will email you the recording. Please contact me should you have any questions. Thank you!

Release Blockages & Set Up Your Day for Success

This class, taught by Camille, begins with an exercise to cleanse the mind of attitudes, beliefs, feelings or attachments that are no longer beneficial in your life. The first step in the process is to identify what those things that need release might be. Once identified, the next step is the release. Included are suggestions for how to handle those things you are not yet ready to let go of, and issues in your life that need healing and resolution. These may include letting go of issues related to a difficult childhood, marriage or job situation along with how to address unresolved issues with others.

Then, I’ll offer practical techniques on how to attract healthy, balanced attitudes, beliefs, feelings and attachments. This is a great way to release what is causing distress in your life and attract to you that which you want for a happy and healthy life.

In the second part of this class, I offer tried and true ideas for setting up your day to bring greater productivity and joy. The techniques I share with you can make a great difference in how you proceed throughout your day.images

I’ll share with you some exercises and techniques taught by the Seraphim, Julian. (  You’ll learn how to create a protective filter that will allow in what you need to sense and experience, but will not have you interact with those energies not necessary for you. This will filter out that which you don’t need, but will allow in that which you do, such as knowing what is around the corner or if a loved one is in need.

Other subjects discussed in this class included  information on your guides and their purpose, what your guides and guardian angel are there for, and how to handle the challenge of watching a loved one go through trauma.

This class is packed with useful, practical and timely information.

A digital recording can be purchased for $15 through PayPal or by contacting me at . Once purchased, I will email you the recording. Please contact me should you have any questions. Thank you!



New Class: Survive and Flourish This Holiday Season

I’m excited to offer you the first in a series of new classes taught by Aca’u and me. These classes are recordings of those we teach  on a bi-monthly basis at The White Lake Community Library in Whitehall. Many people have requested recordings of these classes and I am happy to be able to make them available to you. Each class last about one hour and varies in topic. I think you will find them interesting, practical and enjoyable.

94_holiday-candleThe first class offered  is titled, Survive and Flourish this Holiday Season. It’s a great one to listen to in preparation for upcoming holidays. In addition to holiday preparation, other timely topics covered in this class include:

1. Techniques to create a stress free, enjoyable holiday that can be used for most any  event or occasion

2. How to relate to others in challenging situations

4. The importance of taking care of yourself and how to accomplish that

5. How to create your reality by accepting your current situation and moving it forward

Aca’u includes a beautiful Chakra Meditation to cleanse and balance the system

6. This is followed by a brief discussion of the chakras

Aca’u provides some real insights and practical tools for making this one of the best Holiday Seasons yet! This is a wonderful class to begin preparing you for creating a successful year ahead.

This digital recording can be purchased for $15 through PayPal or by contacting me at . Once purchased, I will email you the recording. Please contact me should you have any questions. Thank you!

The Astrology of 2013

What’s in Store for 2013?

Astrology Holds the Key


I’ve put together a new class that I’m excited to share with you. This class provides important information to update you about the astrological changes taking place. The planets have moved positions significantly and are bringing in some wonderful new energies for us to work with this Fall and over the next few years. You don’t need to know a thing about Astrology to gain from the class. Here’s how you can learn all about:

The Astrology of 2013

When: Saturday, November 3, 2012 

10:00 am – Noon

 Where: Blue and Gold Room

Main Building

Muskegon Community College

221 Quarterline Rd.

Muskegon, MI 

Cost: $35.00

 A digital recording will be available for the same cost as the class.

Please email me at to let me know if you’d like to attend the class and/or purchase the recording.

Much has been written about 2012 and what the future holds. Some predict chaos and cataclysm, others predict a world of instant manifestation and mind reading. Whatever your beliefs, you know great change is upon us. We can feel it.

 I tell you, the future is a good one.

It’s written in the stars! 

Join me to learn what it’s all about. This two hour class is packed with information about what’s currently happening and what’s in store. We’ll talk about some tools and resources we have at hand to help us create the future we desire; one of success, health and happiness. You’ll walk away knowing some of the most effective ways you can make the most of these energies in your everyday life.

I’m quite enthused about the magical and wonderful energies unfolding. We’re moving out of the highly stressful configuration of The Cardinal Cross and into a time of greater strength and stability. Come learn all about what the Astrology of 2013 holds for you!

Love & Light,


Creation and The Hermetic Laws

Now available, a new series of five classes in mp3 format covering an overview of creation and a detailed presentation of The Hermetic Laws, also called The Universal Laws. This class is a recording of live classes presented at Camille’s bi-weekly Connnections Class. Each class includes an opening affirmation, class content, a meditation and then a brief question and answer session with the Master Teacher, Aca’u. Each class is $10.00 and can be purchased individually or at $50.00 for the five course series.

Class content is based on the teachings of the Seraph, Julian, along with Kabbalah and Hermetic Teachings as written in The Kybalion by The Three Initiates. An accompanying book, Creation, It’s Laws and You by the Seraph Julian channeled through June K. Burke is used in this class and can be purchased for an additional $12.95, which includes tax and shipping.

Why learn the Universal (Hermetic) Laws? The Universal Laws teach true alchemy, which is Mental Alchemy, transmuting one kind of mental vibration into another, thereby changing the state of being of a person, event or thing. You will come to learn that your mind is a powerhouse that directs energy which changes you, and alters what is outside of you as well.

You can easily use PayPal to purchase the book and classes. For Creation, It’s Laws and You, plus the first class for a total of $22.95:

For Creation, It’s Laws and You plus the five series for a total of $62.95:

For other payment arrangements or for any questions, please email me at

Please post any questions you have on my website and I will answer each question personally.

The Universal Laws, also called The Hermetic Laws are based upon the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus. Some say Hermes was a contemporary of Abraham, long before Moses, and he is credited with writing thousands of documents of metaphysical wisdom. Hermes was believed to be an Egyptian, “The Great Central Sun of All Occult Teachings”, a scribe of God and an instructor of Abraham. All the fundamental and basic teachings embedded in all esoteric teachings of every race may be traced back to Hermes. All religions, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Judaism – all are founded on Hermetic principles & teachings. Hermes Trismegistus is called The Father of Occultism, the founder of Astrology, the discoverer of Alchemy, the Master of all Masters. In time, the Egyptians made him their God and called him Toth. They called him Thrice-Great, which is what Trismegistus means. This is where the expression “hermetically sealed” came, because the teachings where only taught to adepts, not to general public.

The Universal Laws teach basic metaphysical or spiritual principles and form a powerful foundation for studies. The Laws can harmonize or bring together different views in spiritual or metaphysical studies. For example, should you study something that contradicts something else you’ve studied, look to these seven Laws and you’ll find the key to understanding those different points of view.  The Universal Laws are called The Great Reconcilers. You will find them highly valuable in all your spiritual work!

A New Class on the Astrology of 2012 – Happy Days Are Here Again!

What does 2012 hold in store?

I’m excited to offer you my latest class, The Astrology of 2012, providing clear and concise information about what energies are unfolding in 2012. Such fabulous opportunities are at our door! Yes, we’ll still see dramatic international events unfold and climate changes continue. These are times of unprecedented evolutionary change.  Yet, 2012 offers more opportunities to achieve than ever before. Expect more stability (at last!) and my friends, expect more adventure! Read More→

Connections Class Spring Schedule 2013

The Winter Connections Class will begin in March, 2013 with Reach for the Stars, a series of classes on manifesting success. Participants will be led through a process to identify what it is they want to manifest. Then, will participate in activities to make those desires a reality. Some of the tools we’ll use include Gratitude Lists, Affirmations and Vision Boards.

More Details Coming Soon!

Classes are held the first and third Monday of the month at the White Lake Community Library in Whitehall, Michigan, from 6:15 – 7:45 pm at a cost of $10 per class. Absolutely everyone is welcome to attend. Please feel free to forward this information on to others. I look forward to your joining in this lively, adventurous and most productive class. See you there!