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The Great American Solar Eclipse: Monday, August 21, 2017

Solar Eclipses are like super new moons – they initiate change. Yet eclipses work differently from a normal new moon in that the changes are often swift, unexpected and dramatic. They pack a big punch! A solar eclipse signals major events in global affairs. If an eclipse falls in a sensitive area of your horoscope, major personal change takes place as well. Like the Tower card in the Tarot, an eclipse shakes us out of worn-out situations and patterns of thinking to elevate us to a new level of consciousness.

Eclipses always arrive in pairs, coinciding with the new moon and full moon, as solar and lunar eclipses. We had a full moon lunar eclipse in the sign Leo on August 7th and will have a new moon total solar eclipse in the same sign of Leo on August 21st. These are part of a cycle of eclipses called Saros Cycle 145. Saros 145 eclipses have a long history of appearing before major events in the U.S., including the bombing of Hiroshima in 1945 and the assassination of JFK in 1963.

Let’s look at the astrological implications of this eclipse.

The effects of a solar eclipse will last in years, the duration of the eclipse in minutes. In other words, the August 21st eclipse will last 2 minutes and 4 seconds, which means its effects will be felt most powerfully between now and the end of this decade.

The location from which an eclipse is visible indicates the areas of the world ripe for changes in society, culture and leadership. The “Great American Eclipse” is the first total solar eclipse to be visible coast-to-coast across the U.S.

in nearly 100 years; the last time was in June 1918. It is also the first total solar eclipse to be visible in totality only from the U.S. since the nation was founded in 1776. It will make landfall in Oregon at 10:15 AM and progressively cut a diagonal 60-70 mile wide swath of darkness across the states until it reaches South Carolina at 2:36 PM.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t write of what ancient astrologers taught about an eclipse. Eclipses are believed to impact the ruler of the land and their country. It often signals a time of enemy invasions and the end of kings and their domain. It’s no surprise that emperors and kings would behead astrologers who failed to predict eclipses — they wanted a fair warning for threats to the country or their authority. Viewed from this perspective, the August 21st solar eclipse will impact our country in a big way.

First, the eclipse occurs conjunct the fixed star Regulus. As the lion’s heart of the constellation Leo, Regulus since ancient times has been associated with kings and kingship. As the astrologer, Donna Woodwell writes, “A solar eclipse conjunct Regulus would have been an omen for the fall of the king. And most certainly not news a court astrologer would want to have to deliver to his royal patron”

Now, we don’t know who the ‘king’ may be – perhaps President Trump? We can’t say for sure. This eclipse does fall directly on Donald Trump’s ascendant, or rising sign, if we assume the birth certificate released by the campaign is accurate. The rising sign is a highly sensitive point in a birth chart. This means that Donald Trump will be especially sensitive to the effects of the August 21st eclipse.

This eclipse also occurs at the Moon’s North Node, indicating something new to begin in terms of our country’s Dharma, or karmic path. Due to the unexpected nature of an eclipse, just how it will impact Donald Trump, our country and the world as a whole can’t be said. We do know that big change is coming, and fast! We also know how powerful our thoughts are and that each one of us can hold thoughts of peace and progressive, positive change. They’ll have a great impact on the effects of this eclipse.

Let’s take a look at this solar eclipse and you.

If you have planets in your natal chart that correspond to the degrees of the eclipse, you’ll note the eclipse in a dramatic way. Often, most people don’t even feel the effects of an eclipse because there are no sensitive points in their chart touched by it. Yet, regardless of what it touches in our chart, each one of us can harness the power and potential of this eclipse to bring positive change into our lives.

With all eclipses, something ends and something new begins. Monumental occurrences can happen which turn your life on to a new path. Expect new opportunities and bright new beginnings. You may hear news of a marriage, career change, house sale or purchase, an important health development, the birth of a new enterprise or the birth of a baby. Expect some doors to close, while others open. We can’t make room for the new if we don’t let something go. Whatever change it brings, the universe will move us into a new direction, a higher vibration, with greater maturity and a new set of circumstances.

This eclipse occurs in the sign of Leo, which is ruled by the Sun. The eclipse will illuminate what needs to be brought to light. Situations and people will be unveiled and true colors are revealed. You see them people who they really are, not the image they projected. You’ll see situations more clearly. And the light will help you see how to act accordingly. Expect awakenings, aha moments, insights and truth to be unveiled in surprising ways.

The Sun represents the High Self, the Divine Reality of who you really are. The eclipse brings you an important message from your High Self. Take time to tune inward and listen. You’ll receive the guidance, inspiration, and understanding you need. You may be guided to take action, or you may receive a missing piece of the puzzle needed to put your life in the right direction.

Leo is Latin for lion and symbolizes courage, heart-centered consciousness, and free will. At its highest expression, Leo brings warmth, generosity, love and good will. Through a loving will, it creates that which will become the most beneficial outcome for all concerned. Leo’s lower vibration is expressed as vanity, selfish pride, ego-centered consciousness, and heartless leadership. How we choose to express the energies is our choice.

This most auspicious total solar eclipse forms a beautiful triangle in the heavens, called a Grand Trine. It brings insights and creative problem solving, along with the practical ability to manifest whatever it is we are inspired to manifest. Our capacity to receive and express love is magnified manifold. The eclipse urges us to connect with our High Self and form a conscious partnership, co-creating the life and the world we desire.

Remember the key symbolism of a new moon is a seed-planting time. The receptive feminine energies align perfectly with the active masculine energies to give birth to the new. It is a calling for our receptive selves to listen to the guidance of the High Self and our active side to set the intention of what we want to manifest. We are able to claim our power and express our unique selves through the Divine gift of free will.

This is a joyous eclipse, an eclipse full of radiant possibilities that combine with quiet intuition and connectedness with The Divine. Tune inward and listen, You will know the path that is right for you. Call it forth. And above all, trust, trust, trust.

With Love,

Summer Solstice 2017 Message from Aca’u

Channeled by Camille Albrecht on June 20, 2017

The Solstice begins on June 21st at 12:24 am EDT


It is I, Aca’u who speaks to you now. Where is your focus? What is your mind directing itself towards? For that is what will manifest. The power of your mind to create your life strengthens with this solstice energy. The vibration of the solar system increases with each solstice and equinox. The entire universe also increases in vibration, although through other cosmic influences. As the vibration increases, you become more closely aligned with your Light Body and everything that is of that vibration. You will see more, hear more and comprehend more as your wisdom factor grows. Turn inward and you will see that the connection with the High Self is more accessible than it was even a month ago. This pattern will increase incrementally with each season. You can enhance the process through meditation, which syncs your ego personality with the High Self. Meditation rapidly progresses your growth. It is the most important thing you can do for your betterment in all aspects of your life.

Are you feeling downhearted? Meditate.

Are you in poor health? Meditate.

Are you concerned about your future? Meditate.

Are you unsure of the next step to take in your life? You know… 🙂

I stress this because change is occurring very rapidly and will continue to. Purging is taking place throughout the earth and in your personal life. This isn’t easy. Meditation aligns you readily with the wisdom, guidance and proper perspective you need. These are your birthright. You are meant to live your life on earth joyfully, peacefully. All it takes is change in thinking. And that begins with you. So I ask you, where is your focus? What thoughts occupy your mind?

Understand this. Your thoughts create your emotions. If you are not at peace with your emotions than change your thinking. That brings change in your words and actions, which sets off a chain of events to bring forth what you desire.

Remember, happiness is created from within you, not from outside of you. No job, no partner, no perfect home in the perfect location will create happiness for you. That puts the power for your well-being outside of you. When that’s done, your well-being becomes temporary and contingent on changeable external circumstances. What is available to you is a steady, ever flowing state of well-being that comes from within. This is formed of resilience and trust, of faith in yourself and in the future of the world. It creates an internal dialogue of ‘I am continually moving towards a better place in my life’, however you define that.

Meditation floods each and every cell of each level of your body with Divine Light. That Light then feeds you throughout the day with that which you need each and every moment.

Please take some time to consciously decide what you want to manifest in your life and create the thought to bring it about. “Each day brings me greater financial security”, “Everyday, I am getting healthier and healthier and healthier”, “I am fulfilled and will continue to be so for all my days”. This solstice period heralds powerful manifestation energies. Use it!

Be careful of the tendency to judge now. There is much anger in the atmosphere. Don’t feed it, alright? It will do no good, only harm and that’s not something you need to be a part of. I tell you this because just as your thoughts of health and well-being manifest rapidly, so do all thoughts. Share your opinions with courtesy and openness to the ideas of others. You are here to build bridges of peace. There are proper avenues for bringing about change.

This Summer Solstice is an excellent time to connect with friends and loved ones. For there is gaiety in the atmosphere, too. Enjoy yourself! Call someone you haven’t spoken with in awhile, have lunch with a friend, gather a group together for an evening of fun. Take advantage of this time to nourish yourself with the manna that comes from companionship.

You’ll find it easier with this solstice energy to release anything from the past that holds you back. Take time and turn inward to see if any prior injuries or slights, past experiences, whatever it may be are blocking you. It’s time to let them go. Write them on a piece of paper and set them aflame. As the paper burns, allow that blockage to melt away. Your thinking will make it so. Then, fill that internal space with Light. Now you have room for a wonderful new thing to take its place!

Enjoy this time. Life is fleeting and there is much joy to be had. Appreciate what is working in your life and actively seek to change what isn’t – and that begins with believing you can change it. Know your future is a happy one.

Take a moment now to allow the Divine to fill you. You are loved. Know this and be at peace. For as a friend once wrote, It is All Right.

I bid you peace,


2017 Spring Equinox Message from Aca’u

Channeled by Camille Albrecht on March 19, 2017

The Spring Equinox begins at 6:28 am EDT on March 20, 2017 

Greetings, it is I, Aca’u who speaks to you now.

This is a testing time for the world. Tensions run high nationally, globally and for many, in personal lives as well. Great change is upon us as we soldier into the Aquarian Age. This is a testing time for each of you in terms of your spiritual beliefs. Are you putting your beliefs into practice? The time to do so is now. What have you learned and how can it be put to use productively during this great time of change?

For example, do you truly believe that your thoughts impact the world? If so, then you realize how powerful you are to bring about change in any area of your life and of the world that you choose.

Many are living in fear. There is concern about the political and global environment because it is volatile and unpredictable. You can help steady it with your thoughts. Anger does no good. It only adds fuel to a flame, to a fire actually, that need not be enriched. Calm discernment and discussion are called for. Speak your mind, yes, but with an attitude of peace and of bridging differences in opinion. Look for the foundational similarities and go from there. The only way forward is through collaboration, for as the expression goes, “united we stand, divided we fall”.

I see such lack of faith now. Attitudes of, “The world is going to hell in a hand-basket” sort of thing. Well, if you think it so! You will attract to you what you send out in thought, word and deed. The more you believe disaster is upon you, the more you add to it. More than ever, you are being placed in a position to use your spiritual tools. Many of you have been in training for years. This is your call to duty. This is why you have received the training you have. It is a privilege to be born at this time. You are the builders of the new world. This is a great and truly wondrous responsibility that you chose. Many wanted to incarnate now but you were selected for a reason. No fears, no doubts – don’t let them have room in your life. Stand in your power and know you make a difference.

Watch your thoughts – regardless of which side of the political spectrum you are on. Either way, you are impacting the whole. Decide what kind of impact you want to make. This is your time to put your knowledge, experience and spiritual tools to work.

“I know the future is a good one and I will help make it so”. Why not choose that for your motto? Then, ask your higher self to show you how to go about accomplishing it. Each day, connect within and ask for the opportunities, the right doors to open and for your intuition to guide you as to the actions to take.

This is not just for the course of global and national affairs, but in your personal lives as well. Many of you are at a crossroads now. Your life is changing or you want to bring change into your life but are unsure of the next steps to take. Ask for Divine Assistance. This is a message I have said to you again and again. That’s because we on this side very much want to assist but cannot without your request. It is your will that allows us to exert ours to guide and assist you. And of course, angelic force is ever there awaiting your requests. We can open doors for you, point you to those doors and assist in your progress.

More than ever, this is an important time to renew your silent meditation practice. Twenty minutes daily is ideal – fifteen is better than none. It takes self-discipline, as do most things that are of lasting benefit. It is worth the effort a thousand fold. For in doing so, you are filling yourself with Divine Power, like a car is filled with gas and this Divine Energy feeds you throughout the day. You will have the guidance, wisdom, insight and motivation you need to be successful.

Decide that you will have a wonderful summer. Decide when you wake up in the morning that you will have a wonderful day. It is your choice. How you approach the day, the season, your life, makes all the difference. Try it for a few days and watch what happens. Aches and pains lesson, strife from the neighbor becomes more tolerable, the job brings more enjoyment. The list goes on and on. You become happier and find the methods to bring more fulfillment and well being into your life.

This is not to say that you should live in a bubble, devoid of knowledge of the outside world. That is escape and it’s not healthy. You are meant to live in the world, function in the world, impact the word, but with your feet firmly planted in the knowing that Divine Power is yours to direct to anyone, anyplace you choose. And, that the Divine Power assists in change that is most beneficial to all involved. You direct it and thus, do you change your life and change your world. That is the magic of now. Your thoughts lead to actions that transform what needs to be transformed.

Turn inward for the peace you seek, act upon the wisdom granted from the peace and know you are instrumental in creating the Aquarian Age of Brotherhood and Sisterhood, the Age of Peace. For that is your future and each step is carrying you closer to that truth. Always keep your faith and the knowing of the good in the world now and in the future.

I bid you peace,


2016 Winter Solstice Message from Aca’u

Channeled by Camille Albrecht on December 21, 2016

The Winter Solstice began on December 21st at 5:44 am EST


Greetings, it is I Aca’u who speaks to you now.

Turn inward and allow comfort to flood you. This has been a tumultuous year in the world and in the United States. Divine blessings are pouring forth to assist in healing the wounds, mending the divide and helping your country move forward. Allow yourself a few moments right now to breath in Divine Force. It permeates the atmosphere. Throngs of Angels surround the world, channeling Divine Light to every nook and cranny, to every individual, to all of the kingdoms and all of the elements. If you open to it, the salve is there. You are not alone in your efforts to evolve and grow. Divine Assistance is there. Allow it to fill you. It will give you the strength, the solace and the stamina you need to move forward.

There is great divide in your country now – family members at odds, neighbor against neighbor, long standing friendships verge on the brink of ending badly. Is it Civil War that you desire? “I see it this way!” against “I see it that way!” If you continue to spew hatred to your opponents, to the other political party, war will erupt. There are many variations of war. Hatred and anger create nothing of good. Nothing. Decide right now to respond in another way.

A house divided against itself cannot stand.

I am not suggesting that you forgo your values. What I am suggesting is that you open your mind and try to understand one another’s perspective.

What are the commonalities? Everyone wants prosperity, everyone wants happiness, and everyone wants stability. You differ in the methods to achieve this, yes. That is what democracy is about. Be curious to learn the other’s perspective. Be open to why their perceptions are different from yours. No one wants the earth destroyed or chaos to ensue. You cannot move forward until you create bridges of understanding between the two opposing sides. And that begins with you. Would you consider giving it a try? Take a deep breath and sit with someone whose political perspective differs from yours. Have a calm and open conversation to learn one another’s viewpoint. Find one or two areas you agree on.

Remember, peace begins with you.

Listen to the favored newscast of the political party that differs from yours. Both sides present facts in a manner that favors their party. Listen without judgment –that’s the important part – listen with detached curiosity. I don’t mean detached in the sense of not caring, but detached from the emotions that blind you. It will help you to understand each other. Then you can move forward more productively.

It is time to examine your self-identity and values as a nation. Polarity rules this Age. You are seeing the polarity, the oppositions in national identity and values in order to bring reconciliation. There is no other way to move forward in the peace and harmony promised in the Aquarian Age until such reconciliation occurs. This is part of the evolutionary path.

When a choir first begins to sing, when a group first begins to chant the Om, there is great discord. In time, the group finds a harmonic and beautiful music is created. It is the same with determining your national identity and values as you create the foundational structure for the New Age.

Remember the Seraph Julian taught that hatred would not be tolerated in the Age of Aquarius. Hatred will either self-destruct, be destroyed or nature will intervene. Don’t let hatred in any form take a hold in your heart.

We on this side understand what a challenging time this is on earth. You are in the greatest period of change ever in the history of time itself. Everything is changing, including your political structure. You have a choice in how you move forward. You can proceed with anger, self-righteousness, fear and such. Or you can be the agent of change you seek. The way to do this is to detach emotionally, for emotions will blind you, and view it from the perspective of the High Self. In this space you will receive the guidance you need in how to respond. You are meant to be an agent of change and how you respond makes all the difference. For your thoughts, words and actions create your world. Best not to do that from the lower perspective of the emotional ego personality, you see?

Would it surprise you to know that you signed up for this? That a multitude of souls lined up in hopes of incarnating during this evolutionary leap? You were chosen to incarnate for a purpose. Not everyone who wanted to come in was able to. Hardly. Many, many were turned away. Not you. With your unique gifts and abilities, you were given the opportunity to be an instrument of the Divine during one of the most magnificent periods in all of history. Yes, magnificent!

You have prepared for this. That preparation came through many years – many lifetimes – of spiritual training. And you are now well trained. Stand tall! Claim your Divine Power as a force for good! You are all powerful creators, here with a unique purpose. You have worked long and hard to expand your vibration, to lift yourselves, to resonate with the High Self. And I remind you of this in most every message – when you are in the presence of your High Self, you are in the presence of God. There is no greater power, no higher force, than the Divine. You cannot help but move to good when you align yourself as such. And all negativity, from all corners of the world, must fall to that Divine Power.

Meditate to flood yourself with Divine Light. That will see you throughout your day. Consciously connect with your High Self and live from that space.

With all your conviction, know that the future is a good one and thus, it will become so. Watch your thoughts, my friends, for they become your reality.

I end this communication as I began it. You are not alone in your desire for a peaceful, successful and Light-filled world. Those of us on this side are working side by side with you to make it so. Trust! Move forward in peace and wisdom. When you connect with the Divine, the guidance will be there on how to precede each step of the way. You are meant to think and speak and act aligned with the Divine. Do so.

You are blessed and so is your world. You are moving towards the pure expression of the Divine on earth and this is part of that process. Know that we love you, know that we care.

I bid you peace,



2016 Spring Equinox Message from Aca’u

Channeled by Camille Albrecht on March 13, 2016

The Spring Equinox begins at 12:30 am ET on March 20, 2016

766017-cherry-blossom-picturesGreetings, it is I, Aca’u who speaks with you now.

If there is one point I would like to stress to you now, it is to recognize your power. You have the ability to shape and mold your world. You can have a great impact in the world. You’ve heard this many times, in many different words. The way you think, the words you speak and your actions reverberate from you, into your immediate surroundings, out into the world and even out into the universe.

Like a pebble tossed into a pond, these rings go out and yes, they return back to you. Your thoughts, words and actions can strengthen the positive or can enflame the negative. It is your choice. This is because you are much more powerful than you know.

It is a good idea to catch yourself throughout the day and ask, “What am I thinking right now?” and decide if it is a train of thought you want to continue. Listen to your self-talk. Will it create what you want to manifest? The same is true with your words; listen to what it is you are saying. “I’ve got so much work to do this weekend, I don’t know how I’ll get it done” or “No one in the family really likes her, you know”, “Ugh, I’ve gained so much weight”… What are you adding to the Universal Bank?

I ask you to truly take this to heart. Pay attention – it matters. When you say, “I may have gained weight these past few months, yet I know I’ll lose it easily” or “This will be a busy weekend and I know it will go smoothly”, “Every day, more compassion and love is expressed in my family”, these will manifest. For you are a source of Light in your personal life and in the outer world.

Love yourself, appreciate who you are and your uniqueness. No one is like you and no one is meant to be like you. You are a unique expression of the Divine with the power to diminish you or to enhance you. Each moment of each day, you have a choice of how you respond to external situations. You can feel the world is going to hell in a hand basket or that your life is at a standstill or that you are becoming poorer each day.

Or, you can say ‘this situation is changing for the better, now’. It sounds simple. In fact, for some it may even sound unrealistic, denying the reality of whatever the external situation is. But I tell you, this is how that external situation is altered and turned to move to the positive, most beneficial outcome.

No matter what is going on in your life, no matter how awful or sad, no matter if it seems things are at a standstill, you can move things forward towards the positive. Mind is All.

This is an especially important year in the United States because of the presidential election. Pockets of hatred are coming up to the surface to be healed. When there is a poison destroying anything from within, it must be brought up to the surface in order to be recognized and changed. If it is never brought to the surface, it festers and chips away at the health and wholeness bit by bit. The eruptions of hatred, prejudice, fear and greed are happening throughout the world for a purpose.

Please don’t live in fear. When you do that, it adds to the problem. You have a choice how you will react. To say “that is not how I feel, that is not how I think’ is sufficient. You don’t need to add more anger or hatred to the mix.

Remember this, Light and Love are the most powerful energies in the universe. Nothing – no person, no group, no thing is more powerful. Let Light and Love be your shield and sword.

You can state your thoughts and feelings without vehemence; the voice of gentle conviction is the most powerful voice of all. Know that your reactions matter, your thoughts matter and of course, your actions matter. Bless your life and country, and vote.

Another area of focus now is the accessibility of fresh water. This is the most valuable natural resource on the planet. Water must be respected and appreciated. Many have taken fresh water for granted and a new perspective is needed. From an attitude of respect and appreciation, behaviors will change and thus, the accessibility of fresh water will increase. This is because of the Law of Cause and Effect, which is ever in motion and cannot be stopped.

Please understand, this is not to say people in Flint, Michigan or elsewhere in the world without fresh water created the problem on their own. They agreed to take on the hardship for the growth and understanding of humanity. When you turn on a faucet and fresh water pours forth, take a moment to thank it. Be judicious in your use of water. Be grateful for the waters around you and see them clean and in balance in your area. It all makes a difference.

Share yourself! Let your Light shine as brightly as possible. Smile at the grocery store clerk, thank the bank teller, and with sincerity, tell someone how terrific you think they are. Your kindness adds to the Universal Bank and spills over, creating more kindness in the world.

The Spring Equinox Energy brings forth a powerful force for change. This is a time of new growth, taking the initiative, beginning new projects and putting your plans into action. This energy can inspire you to have the courage to ‘do it’ whatever ‘it’ is for you. It could simply be more time for you – to enjoy life more or to find a creative project that inspires you

Take some time to dream. Meditate on ‘inspiration’ and see what unfolds. This is a year of awakening. You can see things in a new light, free from past blockages to what can be. The fear subsides and is replaced by courage to proceed with what your inner voice urges you to do.

This is a potent year where your desires can become a reality. You can discover ways to make your inspirations practical, do-able and achievable.

There is a common sense energy (Saturn) that is blending with the energy of inspired creativity (Uranus)

Many of you may have a dream for quite some time that hasn’t yet become a reality. If it isn’t happening as quickly as you’d like, trust that the Universe knows the best timing. When on earth, you tend to see things from the narrow perspective of the ego personality. The Universe understands the whole picture and will manifest for you when the right and perfect time is there. “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens”. You are not being denied; you are being blessed with what is best for you, when it is best for you. This calls for trust, along with listening to the High Self to know when best to be still and when to act.

I know that some of you are coping with great physical and emotional upheaval. Universal vibrations are rapidly changing, unearthing many things that can be challenging to address. Please trust that these are happening for a purpose. You are not alone in your struggles. “God, help me now” is a powerful statement to call forth The Creator in your times of need.

Call on Divine Assistance to help you. Begin each day by acknowledging your Guardian Angel and Guides. “Hello! Thank you for assisting me in all I think, say and do”. That simple statement opens the door for them to guide and inspire you throughout the day. At the end of the day, thank them for their assistance. By doing this, you will see their impact more and more in your life. Where the focus is, the manifestation is. Just focus for a few moments each day on your Divine Assistance and watch the magic unfold.

Please allow joy into your life. Look for the good in every day and build on that. It may be as simple as noticing the beauty of a flower, or listening to the sound of children’s laughter. The energies of this Spring Equinox are uplifting and healing, with great movement forward. You will feel the logjam break as you begin to see the steps forward to fulfill your goal.

What is it you want to manifest? What ability or skill of yours do you want to bring forth? Take a few minutes to decide what 2016 will hold for you in terms of creative self-expression, of play, of increased satisfaction in your life. And with that, how you can increase the joy of others. For as you give, so shall you receive.

I tell you my friends, this is a beautiful world. There is joy to be had and with claiming that joy, more unfolds. As Gandhi said, ‘be the change you want to see in your world’, speak your truth and live your truth. You are Divine. You are powerful and you have much to share. Don’t let the doomsayers diminish the happiness you experience and create. Those of us on this side stand with you each step of the way. Remember, you have friends in high places!

I bid you peace,



2015 Winter Solstice Message from Aca’u

Channeled by Camille Albrecht on December 19, 2015

The 2015 Winter Solstice begins at 11:49 pm ET on December 21st

2015 Winter Solstice

2015 Winter Solstice

Greetings, it is I, Aca’u who speaks to you now.

Roaring lions, rattling the sabers, blustering and threatening; for thousands of years it has been this way when mankind competes with each other. Yet, in the Age of Peace, it is time for mankind to put down the threats and weapons and learn a new way. For hatred breeds more hatred, fear breeds more fear, and killing breeds more killing. What you send out comes back to you. This you know is true in your personal lives. What you think, say and do is returned back to you. This is also true for groups, communities and governments. The terror groups that are inflicting fear, torture, cruelty, and forced evacuation of home and land must be stopped. What you are seeing is a coming together of world leaders to face this common enemy. Countries that would not have worked in unison find that they must in order to address this global threat. You will continue to see people put down their self-righteousness for the sake of cooperative efforts. In this way, a more global community is formed. Although the threats from terror groups are real and dangerous, these groups will be defeated. The energies building in the Age of Aquarius will not and cannot sustain them.

You are also seeing fear built and prejudice opinions abound, bullying and mudslinging in your politics. The news reports would have you think that the majority of the population supports this. But, look at the reality. What you see and hear are deep-seated prejudices and fears being brought to light. Bullying in families, schools, work environments and yes, in politics is coming up in order to be examined and address. And so you ask yourself, is this how I feel? Does this hold any resonance within me? In this way, you are able to purge from you those things that may have been planted in your subconscious either by yourself or by others that are tainted with fear, prejudice, name calling and disrespect of others. Evil is being rooted out; trust this. It is being brought to the surface internationally, within nations and within individuals. By seeing others espouse so vehemently are you better able to assess what you truly think about immigration, war, gun law, your opponents and such.

We cannot have a peaceful world if deep within are poisons. And that is what the beginning of this new millennium is about. It brings up the poisons to be exposed and purged.

If you believe that your thoughts impact not only your life but the world, then pay attention to what your thoughts are, especially those regarding your country’s future and its response to the global challenges of the day.

You see, humans have magnificent minds. Your ability for ingenuity and innovation permits you to solve today’s issues. And know that those of us on this side are assisting you. We see where you are headed and know that The Age of Peace, Brotherhood and Sisterhood will triumph. You are not alone as you face personal problems and global issues. Your creativity, focus and will, combined with the Divine Assistance that is ever there for you, will successfully steer you through rough waters.

Peace begins with you; the same is true of compassion and kindness. Be kind. The first statement of Rev. June Burke’s life creed was, “I will be as kind as I can possibly be”. What a wonderful foundation with which to begin each day. It adds acceptance, understanding and compassion to the world. This is not trivial, my friends. This is how the universe works. The healings you send out, the Light you deliver to yourself and others, works. Understand your power.

This isn’t to say you throw caution to the wind and ignore the very real threats that exist. Be aware of your surroundings. Each of you should have emergency supplies should there be flooding or power outages. Keep your gas tank over half full in case you need to evacuate; keep cash on hand at home should banks be unavailable. Self-reliance is critical during such times. That’s just common sense.

So you have a choice. You can live in fear and anger at the news and debates and terrorists and global changes. Or you can strive to create healthy, productive responses that focus on solutions. “I believe we’ll see this through successfully” is a good over-all statement to stand on.

There is much potential for happiness and good during this Winter Solstice. Practical creativity abounds. Innovative ideas can be made manifest. This will be true throughout 2016. And, the economy continues towards overall improvement.

Expect great changes to take place in education and in the correctional system over the next several years.

You have everything you need to address the challenges in your life. Please understand that with each solstice and equinox, the vibration of the universe increases, as does your vibration. That means you are more in tune with your Light Body and all the wisdom and joy it holds. Tap into it often. The Light brings you the peace and understanding you need in any situation. That Light resides in you at all times, awaiting your call. Allow it to fill you with the guidance, inspiration and understanding you need. It is your Divine Right to be happy, productive and successful. You are fully capable of creating that life. Trust yourself, believe in yourself, and believe in your country.

In this most beautiful season of restoring inner balance, I bid you peace and joy,



2015 Fall Equinox Message from Aca’u

2015 Fall Equinox Message from Aca’u

channeled by Camille Albrecht on September 23, 2015tumblr_static_autumn-autumn-35540976-2560-1600-1

The Fall Equinox began September 23rd at 4:22 am EDT and 8:22 UTC

Greetings, it is I, Aca’u who speaks to you now. The energies continue to lighten. You have seen improvements in the economy, in the job market and in public attitude this year. Businesses are expanding within an atmosphere of growth. There is a resurgence of optimism as the universal energies deliver buoyancy and the desire for expansion. This is a time of confidence and a willingness to take risks to move forward.

In your personal lives, no matter what you are going through, you are able to more readily touch the energies of hope, trust and belief in beneficial outcome. There are difficult challenges facing humanity and for many, difficult personal challenges, but a way through it successfully emerges. Awakenings and insights occur that present solutions. For this is a time of innovation. You can do it differently than you have in the past. The ability to access inner strength combined with creative problem solving is there for you.

No matter how desperate, confusing or frightening things appear, change is here. And that change is bringing movement forward from where you are now to a new space. Know that the new space will bring improvement, whatever the situation is. You now have more tools at your disposal than ever and those tools work to impact your world from the inside of you and they impact outside circumstances.

It begins with how you perceive a situation. You can magnify what you perceive as negative, adding the emotions of anger, despair, worry and such to it. This intensifies the problem and disables your ability to handle it well. You become blinded and bound by the overwhelming emotions of it. You move yourself out of reach of the solution. This creates a cycle of increased worry and the problem intensifies as more negative energy is added to it. The issue mushrooms as your ability to handle it diminishes.

Now, it may take some strength and resolve, but you can stop this progression by stopping the thought process that got you there. Stop yourself and say, “How can I look at this differently? Let me detach from the emotions of it and look at the facts.” View whatever it is as an opportunity to change what isn’t working or is out of balance or is unhealthy. You know that everything is changing, everything is moving forward. You can take what isn’t working and create a bridge that takes it to a better place. So you stop and ask yourself, “How can I handle this better?” Your emotions will calm and that alone increases clarity of thought. Once that begins, you can help others who may be involved handle it better, too.

Once you detach from the emotions that are dragging you down, you are able to deal with whatever it is from a stronger space. You aren’t stuck in the mud. If you can detach, even for a moment to say, “Okay, this is how it stands now. I don’t like it but this is what it is. With the Divine Power working in me and through me, I can handle this situation.” And you call forth the Divine Power and work with a fresh perspective. Mind is all and once you view it differently at the mental level, your emotions will change. And when that happens, a more balanced space is created that enables you to function well in the situation.

The energies of today increase your ability to think creatively. You’ll see this at work in your life. Use it! Creativity can be used in anything you do, from your artwork to decorating, to how you talk with your children to how you clean your house. Encourage your ability to think and act with more creativity by doing things differently; shake up your routine. It’s as simple as brushing your teeth with your left hand if you always brush them with your right. This stimulates your brain and muscles in a new way that spills over into other areas of your life. Take a new route home. You’ve never drawn? Pick up a pen and just do it. Stretch your repertoire. The universal energies support exploration and inventiveness. This is a time of new creative self-expression.

You will have more ‘ah ha!’ moments as new understandings awaken within you. All of a sudden, the light bulb goes on and you see something in a new light. You understand it in a new way. This brings a freedom because often, the insight breaks down a wall or blockage within you and it doesn’t ‘get’ you anymore. Take note of these. See how this energy of expansion works to expand your comprehension as well. You are getting smarter, folks!

This is such an exciting time. For in addition, your access to the spiritual world is expanding. I’ve talked with you often about this and once again, there is an increase in vibration as the Equinox takes place. That increase puts you even closer to the vibration of the Inner Plane. Tap in. It is always there to assist you. Always. As Edgar Cayce said many years ago of spiritual guidance, it can assist you whether you are digging for fishing worms or playing a concerto. No matters are too great or too small to call on Divine Assistance.

You will decide your country’s ‘philosophy of life’ with the presidential election next year. Very different approaches are emerging as to the direction your country will take in terms of its values, attitudes and purpose. Do your homework and get involved. I want you to understand something. When you hear ‘it will be as it is meant to be’, sometimes that is because that is how you voted. It is not something descending from outside of you that creates the outcome, it is the logical result of the Law of Cause and Effect. It will be as it is meant to be, by your choice. Remember that.

Just as in your personal life innovation, freedom and insights are there, so too is this accessible in handling international challenges. Governments must look to the root cause of the problem, rather than the symptoms, and change it from there. You can assist by sending Light, managing your thoughts and emotions, and by voting for politicians who reflect your values.

Carry your faith and optimism forward in all you think, say and do. You are change agents bringing in a bright, fulfilling future. As architects of the Aquarian Age, design the world you want to live in.

Have you noticed a desire to have more fun? That’s part of this year’s Fall Equinox energies, too. Be sure to balance your time between work and play. Play is what brings you relaxation and joy. Make time for it in your life on a regular basis and it will reward you in so many ways. Understand something. When you are out of balance in anything, in managing too many responsibilities, in not managing enough of them, it curtails your ability to function at your best. Seek the balanced life and watch how effective you are.

My dear friends, you are so loved! Open your ears, your eyes, your hearts and minds to us. We are here to assist in all you do. Remember that the Light always works. And those of us on this side walk hand in hand with you.

I bid you peace,


2015 Summer Solstice Message from Aca’u

Channeled by Camille Albrecht on June 21, 2015

The 2015 Summer Solstice begins on June 21st at 12:38 p.m. EDT 11:38 a.m. CDT, 10:38 a.m. MDT and 9:38 a.m. PDT

Greetings, it is I, Aca’u, who speaks to you now,

This Summer Solstice brings energies of joy. You have come through a harsh winter and spring; now is your time to rest, restore and recuperate. Take time this summer to do so. The energies still encourage you to grow, but within an atmosphere that nurtures and strengthens.

Summer SolsticeYou are meant to express your individuality. You are meant to discover what your personal skills, traits, strengths and resources are. In 2013, 2014 and 2015, your character traits that need balancing are coming to the fore. You are meant to recognize within yourself, either by self reflection or through feedback from others, what is meant to be carried into the new millennium and what your are meant to leave behind.

This is a kinder, gentler Age. It is an Age of Brotherhood and Sisterhood. Hatred is being purged from your world. I understand that from your perspective, that might be difficult to recognize. But trust, my friends, that this is true. Hatred is being brought to the surface to be identified and destroyed. For it will not be tolerated in the energies that are unfolding.

The world evolves not by magic, nor by space beings that come in and repair it all; not by the descent of Divine Beings to create a fanciful cloud out of Peace Dust. There are some that continue to look outside of themselves for the answers. No. The answers, the cure, the resolution comes from within you. The world evolves – humanity evolves – through trial and error, cause and effect. Thus, you learn discernment in the use of your free will and decision-making. In other worlds, you evolve in your ability to create a peaceful world. Now, the planetary energies assist in your unfoldment, of course. They provide the energies that push you and prod you, and encourage you to move and grow. And the energies of the Age of Aquarius are energies that resonate with peace and Divine Love more strongly than you have ever experienced. This means it is easier then ever to tap into vibrations of compassion, kindness, understanding and wisdom. Such vibrations are higher than those dealing simply with self-focus and survival, getting ahead at whatever cost and fulfilling base desires. You have grown through those experiences as well.

The Piscean Age was to teach self-discipline, among other things. It taught that to meet your needs of survival and material success, you had to sacrifice some things for the sake of others. It honed your ability to focus your will to create what you want and to forsake pursuing helter-skelter a myriad of desires. So you enter the Aquarian Age with the ability to create at a higher level. You are learning that when you combine your will with imagination, adding focus and trust, you can create anything you desire. What you desire is also vibrating at a higher level. And with the rate of manifestation continuing to increase, those creations are manifesting more quickly than ever.

You are learning to accept increased responsibility as co-creators with the Divine. You are powerful creators and gaining in power with each solstice and equinox.

This is why those parts of you not vibrating at a high level must be brought to the surface and purged. You are a Divine Being in a physical body with earthly emotions and thoughts that stem from the ego personality. You have come into this lifetime with a history from your past. Piscean Age lessons must be worked through so you can enter into your future unencumbered by the past. Many of you have had some major life challenges or lessons in these past few years – some of these lessons continuing now. This is so you can ‘see yourself in action’. What in you needs to be brought into balance? For some, this is a tendency to over-work. For others, you may be coming face to face with the fact that you live with too much fear and worry. Some are realizing it is over-spending that is their weakness. The issues are as varied as people on the planet. But I tell you, look within. For some, it is a fear of commitment; others – an uneasiness being alone. You are facing current lessons because there is something in you that is attracting them. And its purpose is to seek Light, Balance and Wholeness. Ask for Divine Assistance in what ever it is you are dealing with. Divine Assistance won’t do it for you, but will guide you, support, comfort and strengthen you so that you can accomplish whatever you put your mind to.

The Summer Solstice energies encourage you to continue to hone the self and to ennoble the self. You are healing wounds carried forth from the Piscean Age and this process is meant to create great strength and wisdom within you. For by courageously looking within and with honest self-assessment, you can release what is not resonating with The Light and gain self-mastery. This is The Hero’s Journey. And you are The Hero. You are being drawn towards The Light as a moth to a flame. As such, The Light grows within you so that you may fully express the Light Being that you are.

This is the context within which you live now. However, with this great push towards personal and global evolvement is a gentling of the energies. It is easier to smile now. There is happiness in the air; a lightness. Feel the joy that permeates the atmosphere. This is a time of great healing; healing that goes right to the very core of your cells and heals from the inside out. Breathe it in and allow yourself to bask in it. How? By taking the time to just be this summer. Take a stroll, meander or simply sit and take in nature. It is important to give yourself time without directed thought to allow the reception of healing forces that surround you.

And please allow yourself to have fun. This is a buoyant time; a time of optimism and cheer. Fan it. Do those things that bring you joy. When you tap into it, you will easily draw to you energies that encourage you to play, have fun and laugh. Laughter heals! You know this and I ask you to take advantage of it.

Pay attention and you will find that the mountains appear more majestic, flowers seem more beautiful, water – more refreshing. Why? Because nature is gaining in power. Take some time to notice this. Nature is restoring balance not just to the planet, but to everyone on the planet as well. You are meant to form a partnership with nature now and together, create Utopia.

All around you are the resources you need to have a happier, more balanced life. Hold the thought that your life now and in the future holds success and joy, security and love. You will attract what you send out. If you hold the intention without waver, The Light will deliver it to you more perfectly than you could have ever imagined. Just realize the bumps along the way are not obstacles on the Path, but necessary to make the adjustments needed. Know with a certainly that you are heading towards a better world. And you are the instruments of the Divine that make it so.

You are loved, you are supported and you are never alone.

I bid you peace,


2014 Winter Solstice Message from Aca’u

Channeled by Camille Albrecht on December 21, 2014
The 2014 Winter Solstice begins at 6:03 pm ET on December 21st

Greetings, it is I, Aca’u who speaks to you now.

Breathe in deeply the peace of the season. That energy is all around you. The atmosphere is filled with love, gentleness, and compassion. It can be deeply healing if you allow it in. Love generated by those of you on earth combines with love from the heavens and permeates the atmosphere now. Pockets of distress are being filled with this Light. YouSymbols of Many Faiths add to it each time you allow the feelings of love, gentleness and compassion to grow within you. These are sent out into the atmosphere and magnified by similar thoughts from others. This creates a powerful force for good.

It is you who create your world. And this time of year is especially filled with thoughts of peace and generosity. Let that be your focus. Where can you add joy and compassion to the world? Smile. Tell someone, “I think you’re great!” Say, “I love you” from your heart. When you add such thoughts, feelings and actions to the universal bank, it diminishes the power of the wrongdoings and challenges in the world. The energy of love is the most powerful energy in the universe. It conquers all. You can create a more loving, joyful world by consciously choosing the path of peace.

Why do you think the holidays exist? What is their purpose? Each faith takes time out during this time to celebrate The Light. It is a time to declare your gratitude, generosity, peace and Divine Love. In this manner, do you enter the New Year aligned with the I AM.

Foster it; grow it. Drink in all the Divine Love that permeates the atmosphere and allow it to deeply heal you. Once you have filled yourself with all the Light you can hold, shine it outward as the Sun and all you encounter will feel that compassion and love man-radiating-lovepermeate from you. Your eyes, your voice, your touch will demonstrate acceptance, compassion and love. And so do you heal by your presence. This is something you can do each day. And so is your universe healed.

Expect miracles in 2015. It will be a magical year. The universal energies are creating unexpected blessings. Sudden turns of events that make life easier will occur. Dare to dream big. You can create greater financial stability, improved health; whatever the need is. It will be easier to curtail what needs to be curtailed in your life and to expand in those areas that need expansion. Why? While the planet continues towards its goal of exposing poisons, correcting injustices and rooting out evil, the Divine Energy needed to meet these challenges is increased. The vibration of the universe increases with each Solstice and Equinox, which provides more access to Divine Power.

Feel it. It’s easier to function now, isn’t it? Challenges exist but are somehow more tolerable, or the solution is in sight, or collective rallying is providing strength to face the foe.

I tell you this to alert you to the strengths within you and around you. Pay attention. You can shoulder your burdens more easily now. Courage! Faith! You can succeed.

The energies support success in 2015. Be open and accept the Divine Inspiration that is around you. You can have flashes of insight into anything you are dealing with now. This is a year of awakening.

Meditation will accelerate your ability to tap into the wonder and magic of 2015. I use these words quite specifically. Expect unexpected good things to occur. They will occur in small ways as well as the big ones. You can magnetize yourself to attract this by meditation, and by accepting that miracles can occur. Live in awareness of your oneness with the Divine.

It is in God’s mind that you live and move and have your being. What then, need you fear? God’s mind is Love and Light and all-powerful. This is your birthright. This is who you are and what you are. Feel it; live it. Your faith in your own ability, aligned with the I AM can move mountains.

When you are frightened, feeling alone or in pain, reach out for Divine Assistance. Trust that it will never let you down. Ever. Because the Light always works. It is always there to provide the strength, guidance and inspiration that you need.

You are here on earth with a purpose. You came to create more balance within yourself and thus, within the universe. So your life lessons are with purpose. Don’t turn away from them. Yet realize that you are never meant to handle them alone. You have a very special guardian angel assigned only to you that works with you every single moment of your life. Their great joy is to be of assistance. Feel your angel beside you and know that your betterment is their prime focus.

You know you have Guides as well; your Divine friends assigned only to you. As with your angel, your guide’s focus and great joy are to help you be the best that you can be. Open your arms to them. Let them in. All that you need to face your challenges and to be the successful, fulfilled person you are meant to be is there for you.

My dear friends, you are instruments of the Divine. Divine energy lives and breathes in you. Feel it permeate every cell. Close your eyes for just one moment and breathe in Divine Power. See it fill every cell of you being; your body, your heart, your mind. This is the stuff that powers your day. Let it work for you.

Be at peace in this most blessed of seasons. We celebrate on this side of the veil just as you celebrate on earth. Amongst all your worries and concerns, let Light shower down around you and in you. It will show you the way through it all. And as that Light fills you, be a bringer of joy and love and peace in your world.

It is an honor to incarnate, you know.

May you have a joyous Winter Solstice Season of Light.

I bid you peace,

Aca’u Class and Meditation on the 2014 Fall Equinox

In this class provided September 15, 2014, Aca’u shares his 2014 Fall Equinox message verbally and includes information on The Rounds, which areremember-spirit3114355 universal evolutionary stages of development. Aca’u also provides a meditation to get in sync with the new equinox energies and a healing for all those impacted by the Ebola virus.

Below is a DropBox link to the class recording. If you have any problems accessing it, please email me at


Aca’u Class and Meditation on the 2014 Fall Equinox: