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Spring Equinox 2014 Message from Aca’u

Channeled by Camille Albrecht on March 20, 2014

The Spring Equinox begins March 20, 2014 at 12:57 pm EDT

Greetings, it is I, Aca’u who speaks to you now. This has been a long and difficult winter for many. You seek and shall find signs of Spring soon. That will be the case both externally and within your heart. For you have gone through a period of time when many of you have felt discouraged and out of sorts. Things haven’t worked out the way you thought they would. Unforeseen problems have arisen that have taxed you physically – perhaps financially, emotionally, and mentally.

The planetary energies occurring now are those of exaggeration. So, things you had been able to cope with before seem bigger now, your reactions are bigger, and spring-wateryour desire for change is bigger. You may have felt a blockage in your ability to break through and move forward. This changes with the Spring Equinox. It is as if the wall comes down, the gate unlocks, the dam is released. You will have the ability to move forward from the space you have felt stuck in.

There was reason for this exaggerated Winter season. No matter where you live, be it snow land, the rainy or dry areas, or even the places of  sunny skies, this Winter Solstice period was a time for you to turn inward to look at yourself and your life. Your social, external life was curtailed either by choice or not, which allowed you time within. The purpose was to look at where you are not resonating with the higher energies of the 2014 Aquarian Age and release, release, release.

For some, the letting go was easy. For most, it hasn’t been so easy. You faced fears that were holding you back, or attitudes and beliefs that have prevented you from expressing your highest potential. There is no coincidence that a current popular song now is titled, “Let It Go”.

Freedom is being sought throughout the world, just as it is being sought within you. At its highest expression, this freedom is coming from your Higher Self. It is asking for the freedom to express through you. And what is blocking its full expression is being brought to the surface to be released. The inner tension you feel is to awaken you to free yourself from that which binds. Don’t be afraid of these awakenings. Understand that working through them will bring you far greater freedom and joy than holding on to them does. And you can work through them, if you turn inward for the guidance and direction you need. Divine Assistance is always there for you.

The greatest lesson right now is trust. You have set the goal but don’t see the results yet. Remember, the Universe has a far better sense of timing than you do. Often you want it right now, whether this is the best time for it not.  What has been created in your life has often been created over years and years. It may take some time to un-create what you are no longer happy with! 🙂 Be patient. Don’t give up on the faith and trust that it will occur. Align yourself with Divine Will and you can’t go wrong.

You are heading toward the good. I tell you that in each message I give to you because it is true, and I want you to let that knowledge of a happy, successful future resonate deeply within you. Keep your faith in that strong and it will act as magnet, drawing you closer and closer to the happiness that is rightfully yours.

There are many positives to this Spring Equinox period. As with each Spring Equinox, new life begins. This is a time for you to begin acting on what you have had in the planning stages. The Spring Equinox fosters new growth. So, this is a wonderful time for new jobs, new homes, new health plans, new projects, new businesses. Go ahead, reach out and give it a try, what ever ‘it’ is. There is something within you, right now, that wants to be expressed. Dare to do it. And know that your path is unfolding in a new way, right now.

I ask you to do something for yourself. Take a few moments to decide what will be the new thing for you this Spring, and where it will take you by the Summer Solstice… Okay, do you have that? Now, imagine yourself at the Summer Solstice on June 21, 2014. You are sitting comfortably outside, enjoying a beautiful summer day. Where do you want to be with this new thing? How do you want to feel about it? Take a moment to really feel it manifested… See it, taste its’ energy, feel it alive and manifest in ever cell of your body… And now, fill the entirety of it with Divine Force, the creative energy that manifests within the Will and Power of the Creator… When you align your creative imagery with the Divine Creative Force, its manifestation gains great power and speed. Live each day feeding that imagery, living it and breathing it; trusting fully that it unfolds. And so shall it be.

Divine Power is more tappable now than ever. Faith and trust are also easier to touch. Reach out for this assistance. It is there for you and can help you each step of the way. Divine Power has always been within and surrounding you. But now, because you are vibrating  at a higher level – and this Spring Equinox increased your vibration so that you are vibrating at a higher level this week than you did last week. You are vibrating at the highest level you have ever vibrated at since existence. This is true of all things. So, you are more in line with Divine Power than ever. Just reach out for it. Let it work miracles for you.

Nature can heal you now. Do spend time out of doors with the elements and the nature kingdoms. You can help nature as well. Should you hear of a forest fire out of control, send Divine Light to restore the balance. When you walk along a riverbank, send the river Divine Light to help heal any impurities in the water. Take an hour to pick up trash on your street or any road. Pocket a pair of gloves and a trash bag. One hour of your time can make a difference. When you gaze up at the clouds, send Divine Healing Light to the Earth’s atmosphere, to help clean pollutants in the air. You will alter the fire, the air, earth, and water with your thoughts, words and actions.

My dear friends, enjoy your life. Each day can bring you happiness; look for it. It doesn’t have to be the big new thing. The ability to be happy rests within you. It is all about your response to what is occurring within and around you. You have a choice how you will respond. The bumps in the road are there with a purpose. Don’t damn them. Accept them; work with what is presented to you with all the tools you have been given. And the biggest tool is trust. I ask you to trust in yourself and in the Divine. For as a team, you can accomplish it all.

At this time, I would like you to open yourself to a Divine Blessings. Take a moment now, and as you read this, I will direct a Blessing to you. Feel the Divine Blessings shower down upon you… Like a gentle, warm, Spring rain, it washes away all sadness, all pain, all fear… You are left clear and refreshed… And in place of what has been washed away, these Divine Blessings fill you with nourishment, strength, courage, clarity, motivation and deep inner peace… I want you to know that each time you read or image this, the Blessings will be delivered to you.

And now, you are ready to move forward, enlivened and enriched.

May you have discover much happiness in this most delightful springtimeseason.

I bid you peace,




2013 Winter Solstice Message from Aca’u


Channeled by Camille Albrecht on December 20, 2013

 The Winter Solstice begins on December 21, 2013 at 12:11 p.m. ET 

Greetings, it is I, Aca’u who speaks to you now.

The challenges you face are taking you to a better place. As you progress forward, may peace be with you. Take a moment to drink it in. All around you, the energy of peace and wholeness is present. You need only open to it. Draw it in. You can be restored in a moment by accepting that Divine Power and allowing it to fill your being.

Your ability to tap into Divine Love – which is the healing power – is your birthright. When you feel challenged, frightened, worried, take a moment to breathe in that Light that is always there. It will calm you and bring a sense of peace. Because in this Light, there is the ability to restore balance within you. Once you are in a state of balance, you can see things more clearly and your understanding increases. You can more easily tap into guidance and direction. Any problem or concern can be assisted through this process.

You have all come to earth to work on yourself and your universe. And you have chosen to incarnate in a time of some of the greatest changes and challenges since the beginning of time. You are moving towards greatness. That is the Light Being. You are moving from density to Light. From the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age. The Piscean Age taught much needed self-discipline to the world yet, that was accomplished through fear and punishment. “If you did not follow proper action, God will get you”. Eternal damnation from an external, vengeful God was the great deterrent to misuse of your power and will.

Important evolutionary steps were taken in the Piscean Age. Mankind began to accept that there was one God, manifest in all things. And, that you had to treat one another with love. The importance of following a moral or spiritual code of behavior came to be. Taking part in sinful behavior would result in great punishment. The concept of good and evil was driven home. These were taught as external powers. There was an external God who was good and an external Satan who was bad. You could choose to follow the path of either and suffer the consequences of making the wrong choice. And of course, there was the Master Teachers, such as Jesus and others, to show the way to abide by God’s will on earth. So the Piscean Age accomplished a great deal in the evolutionary process.

Now, mankind has moved from the Piscean to the Aquarian Age. You have brought forth your learned lessons, along with the blockages you incurred along the way. This new space, the Aquarian Age, is higher in vibration than the Piscean Age. The old patterns of imbalance cannot function in this new vibration. They must be released. The very laws of Nature will accomplish this release. You can assist or resist. And the releases are coming at a more rapid, demanding level. This is why you are facing the challenges you face. Soul growth. You are being pushed, prodded, pressured to release emotional and mental patterns that are not in line with the higher vibrations.

You may not understand why you have a specific life lesson. Often times, there won’t be a clear reason. “What was it from a past life that I did to cause this?” “Or was it this lifetime?” “Is the lesson mine or is my challenge for the learning experience of those around me?” Let trying to determine the underlying cause go; it doesn’t matter in the long run. What matters is, how are you going to face the challenges you have here and now? That is where the soul growth comes in. That is all that matters. That you handle whatever it is you are facing with a spirit of acceptance, kindness, love and peace.

Acceptance. That’s the first step. You have an expression born over the past few years to help with just this very issue: “It is what it is”. Very important! Because once you accept that you have the illness or that you are in an unhealthy relationship, or that your eating or drinking is out of balance, or whatever it is that is creating distress, then you can begin to alter it.

Those things that are not in a state of wholeness and balance will be drawn up and out to be addressed. Even in your political arenas, the extreme attitudes of some politicians will result in their demise. These behaviors will not be tolerated in the new energies. Internationally, tyrants will fall; freedom and independence will be achieved. As difficult as it may be to understand, please know that you are moving to a greater place of peace and wholeness, kindness and love. The world of appearances can be quite frightening now. Yet, this is the very purging needed to move you from the old patterns into the new. You have entered the Age of Peace, Brotherhood and Sisterhood. Energies not in accordance with that pattern will not survive.

You must love one another. You don’t have to like what the other guy did; you don’t have to go out to dinner with them or be best buddies. But, you do have to love them, soul to soul. You have societal laws that must be followed and a person must have consequences for not abiding by those laws. This makes for a civilized world. Beyond that, let the judgment go. You don’t have to judge them; universal laws will correct all that needs to be corrected. Be and let be.

Kindness: “God’s will be done”. “Be a point of Light”. These are the goals of a Light Worker. And one of the best measures of thinking and acting as such is to ask, “Am I being kind?” No matter what you are facing, within yourself or outside of yourself, ask if how you are behaving is kind. Are you treating yourself with kindness? Is what you are saying and how you are saying it kind? You can disagree with someone and be kind while doing it. You can leave a job or leave a relationship with kindness. If you are struggling with illness, in yourself or caring for another, treat others with kindness. It will make all the difference.

Just for one day, be as kind as you can possibly be. Write the word down on a few sticky notes, “Kindness”, as your reminder. Then, paste one at your desk, one in your kitchen, your car or where ever you will see your notes. And, check your thoughts and behaviors throughout the day. The world can use as much kindness as you can muster.

And the other two qualities key to the Age of Aquarius are love and peace. Be a point of love, be a point of peace. The following affirmation given by the Seraph, Julian, can create this in your life. For affirmations, when repeated on a regular basis, become the thought pattern that creates the new behaviors and thus, the new world:

God is my source of all supply, and answers my every need.

I become a flow of energy in a moving force.

I know no beginning and no end. 

I am an instrument of peace and wholeness.

It flows from me, from my voice and from my eyes.

It flows through me, from my heart and from my touch.

It flows. A never-ending source of peace.   For that is who I am. 

So Be It.

In this Season of Light, love yourself. Be kind to yourself. Be at peace with yourself. Accept you just the way you are. From this space, acceptance, loving kindness and peace will flow out from you to the world. And you will truly be living your Reality Self, the Light Being that you are.

May your heart be light and joy be yours as you accept the Love that surrounds and fills you.

I bid you peace,





2013 Fall Equinox Message from Aca’u

As channeled through Camille Albrecht on September 21, 2013

The Fall Equinox begins on Sunday, September 22nd at 4:44 pm EDT

Greetings, it is I Aca’u who speaks to you now.

Be at peace. The change you seek is here. Many of you have already started on your new path. For some, it arrived so subtly that until you stop and really take a look around you, you won’t notice that it began. You may have left one job to take on another, let go of past relationships to form new ones; you’ve begun to shape your life differently from what it was before.

Some still stand in the mist, not quite sure what their new path will be. Yet, there is a sense that clarity is coming soon, and you will know what the next step is.

Take a moment to review the many changes that have occurred in your life over the past five years. In a word, transformation. You have broken from the past and pushed through to a new life. Many of you experienced trauma such as serious illness, financial crisis, divorce, or the death of someone close to you. Yet, you have also discovered an inner strength you hadn’t known before. Along with these changes has come a new perspective, and you have redefined what you value most. The result? Attitudes, relationships, responsibilities and such that you were not meant to carry into this new Aquarian Age were released. New ones have unfolded.

The past eighteen months were especially challenging for many who experienced a great Initiation. You were asked to use your knowledge, skills and tools to face the challenges life cast before you. The Initiation has now been completed and you are healing, perhaps still a bit weak at the knees.

I spoke to you at the Summer Solstice that summer was a time of healing. These past few months have provided an energy that asked you to slow down. Did you feel a bit more tired than usual? The universe asked you not to have your plate so full. There wasn’t the time or energy to do all the things you had planned. In some cases, illness or injury slowed you down. But for most, it was time to incorporate more relaxation between responsibilities. There is a reason many of the planets retrograde in the summer. It is meant to be a time to slow down, refresh, restore, and recuperate. That has been especially so this summer.

Now, with the Fall Equinox, energies rev up once again. Not in the old way. The Fall Equinox brings a balance of exuberance and calm. There is a peace within that you can tap more readily than before. All you need to do is turn inward. You’ll see, it is right there. The more you tap into it, the easier it becomes to access. This is your key to finding the way, managing your challenges, knowing what to say and do. It is tapping into the Light within that is ever ready to guide you, nurture you and balance you. It is your Reality Self.

Take a moment now to turn inward and feel it. Let this Light well up with in you; this never ending Source of peace and wholeness.

“Divine Power, thank you for your presence in my life. Show me the way. I accept you in my life and ask you to fill me with your peace and wholeness. Joy is mine, security is mine, health is mine. I am Light and I deliver Light. So be it.”

This is a good way to begin your day. It will never steer your wrong. “Ask and you shall receive”. “Knock and the door will open”. These are truths. When you ask for Divine Assistance, it will always be there for you. Always.

The Fall Equinox energies bring exuberance. You will feel your batteries recharged. This is a good time to begin a new physical routine, as the body wants movement. If you have always done it one way, try a new way. It doesn’t matter what you choose. Each person will find what best suits them. But, you must move. Over the past several years, life changes have created toxins in the body that can be released through physical routines. This may be tai chi, yoga, aerobics, weight training, walking – what have you. The point is, move! J The purpose is to rid the body of toxins, and to strengthen, tone and build flexibility, but also for your mental and emotional health.

The Fall Equinox will provide an edginess that encourages you to tackle new things. It gives an internal push to join new social groups, have the courage to ask someone out, work on a challenging relationship with your family member, co-worker or neighbor. It will feel right to take the new course of study, or to explore options for a new career or avocation. This will be felt as an internal tension to progress. It is needed to drive you forward to accept new opportunities for growth. However, that inner tension can also become out of balance. Physical movement will help to dissipate the excess so you have just enough to be buoyant and nicely charged without being too much. So, as they say, just do it!

I would like to talk about healing for a moment. Healing does not always mean feeling calm. Sometimes healing requires facing adversity. If you have lived with unresolved issues, the healing energies now will bring forth situations that encourage you to address them. Although it may not be easy, in the long run, it is worth the effort. Remember to call in the Light, and then progress with courage and faith that with effort, you will succeed.

This is the time for new mental stimulation. It brings opportunities to explore untried potentials. This allows you to express yourself more fully and with greater innovation. Please welcome these. They may keep you busy and on your toes, but what a feeling of accomplishment you’ll have by giving it a go!

For those of you still uncertain of what your new path is, be patient just a bit longer. And in the meantime, take action. You may not know that the action will lead you to ‘the thing’. And, that’s fine. But do explore new activities. Align with your High Self by turning inward, then put out the call for the program, class, or other step forward that’s right for you. And watch, something will catch your eye and you can begin.

Your thoughts are more powerful than ever in creating your life. The Fall Equinox energies continue to enhance your ability to manifest. This enhancement will continue over the next few years. Your dreams can become your reality. Affirmations are strong tools of manifestation, and can move you from a feeling of hope, to one of belief, and finally, to the knowing. One of the reasons an affirmation works is because it takes you from a state of uncertainty, “I hope” to a somewhat firmer state of security, “I believe” and eventually to a true understanding, “I know”.

Once you know in your heart that it is so, manifestation will occur. Thus the saying, and I paraphrase here, “As one thinks in their heart, so shall it be”.

Take time over this next week to decide what you want to manifest between now and the Winter Solstice. Write out the first few steps you will take to achieve it, along with your start date. For, you must follow your thought with action for manifestation to occur.

There is the potential for much generosity with this Fall Equinox. You will find yourself wanting to extend kindnesses to others. And, you will find kindnesses extended to you. Ask yourself, “Where can I express generosity today?” Look for opportunities. It will change the life of the recipient and it will change you as well.

Here’s an invitation for you. Each day, beginning today, I want you to extend a kindness to another. You may show generosity in tangible ways such as making a donation or helping someone cross the street, walking a dog from an animal shelter, or cleaning up litter on your street. The opportunities are endless. You may show generosity of spirit, giving intangible gifts – a smile, an acceptance when one expected to be shunned, or an understanding to one who holds opposing political beliefs.

Try it for one week. Ask yourself, “What loving, kind act can I do today? After one week, see the changes brought about within you, and know with a certainty that you have changed the universe as well. You are moving to a place of peace and joy and kindness. This is your future. It is what the Aquarian Age is about. Live it. Fan it.

There is so much to be grateful for in the world. You have all been through great challenge and with it, great growth. You stand stronger, more aware, clearer in who you are and in your connection with The Divine. And, when teamed with The Creator, you can accomplish all things. You can create a future that is wonderful.

And so shall it be.

I bid you peace,


Winter Solstice Message from Aca’u

The Winter Solstice begins December 21, 2012 at 6:12 am EST

From Camille: Aca’u initially presented his Winter Solstice Message on December 11th.  That message follows this additional information channeled from Aca’u on December 17th, 2012:

Great sadness fills hearts now, as the world mourns for the loss of life taken in Newtown, Connecticut last Friday. Such horrors seem incomprensible; that innocent youngsters with their whole lives before them, were murdered by a mentally ill man. That this man also took the lives of dedicated, heroic adults who did all they could to save others brings profound sorrow.


Please know that these children and adults are being cared for and comforted on our side by many, many angels and masters. The children are with beings familiar to them and with whom they feel safe. For many, this is the Master Teacher, Jesus. They will find peace. Please continue to send your prayers to those on both sides, as this period of acceptance and adjustment continues.


I also ask you to pray for the perpetrator, who needs Light as well.


You can make a great difference by sending Healing Light to all those involved. Light is always stronger than the dark. Know this. The Light will prevail.


I bid you peace,



Note from Camille: I channeled The Winter Solstice Message from Aca’u on December 11, 2012. Initially, it was difficult for me to understand why Aca’u would say ‘all is right in the heavens and earth’ when the tragedy of December 14th was looming. However, I was directed to find Julian’s teaching, “On Approaching the Bumps in Life” ( Then, I understood that this horror brings to the surface poisons that must be identified so that we do all we can to prevent this from happening again. May you find comfort in these teachings as well.

Greetings! It is I, Aca’u who speaks to you now. Be blessed during this Holiday Season. Know that you are safe and protected. All is right in the heavens and all is right on earth. Peace. Let your hearts be Light. You are the builders of your future and what a wonderful future it is!


You see and hear so much on your news and in your fast-digital media, of all the problems and disasters and upheavals; the protests and killings and such. You don’t hear of all the good. The kindnesses, the miraculous healings, the joys, the efforts that are becoming more and more successful to restore and protect your natural resources, sea life, rain forests. There is so much good going on in your world.


Here’s a suggestion. For just one day over this next month, please focus on the good things taking place in the world. The Heroes. The good men and women and children who are making a difference to bring about a new world filled with peace and abundance. Read their stories, read of the new sciences and technologies that are bringing great healing. Share these stories with others. One candle can light the darkness. How very true this is! You can be that candle.


Bring peace, my friends. There is so much fear in your world right now. Not only fear of the dreaded 2012 Winter Solstice and the imminent destruction it is to bring on your planet, there is such fear of lack. People fear there won’t be enough money, won’t be enough jobs, won’t be enough ___ fill in the blank. And what do these fears create? Lack. You can bring peace by simply stating, and believing, in a positive, progressive future. And when someone says, “I think it will turn out badly”, say, “I don’t believe that. I trust in a bright, happy future”. And there you go, you have just added to the energy of the bright and happy future.


As I have said many times, you are the builders. You are the bridge between the past and the future.


And so here we are on the cusp of pure Aquarian Age energy. Breathe it in. It is your future for a very long time; 2600 years! This is the Age of Peace. Think about that; Peace. What does this mean? It is not just peace between warring factions in your world, it is peace between mankind and nature as well. There is a cooperation growing, an understanding and appreciation of nature. Mankind is beginning to understand Nature’s power and the mutual dependence between mankind and nature. New fields are developing to support the sustainability of your planet. Trust it is moving in the right direction. And assist the process through your thoughts and through your actions as well.


This is also an Age of Peace within the self. No more warring within! No more cutting yourself down, diminishing yourself. This is the age of peaceful acceptance of who you are, just as you are. Yet with that, there is great desire to evolve. There is an inner thrust propelling you to grow. You can feel this desire to progress, although the end destination is not yet known. It is not supposed to be clear-cut now. The growing, the moving forward, the exploration is what is important now.


How many of you are working towards developing a stronger intuition to hear the voice of your Higher Self? And it’s working! The veil has lifted between your world and mine. Our worlds are closer than ever. Your vibration has increased so much so, that we are able to connect and communicate more readily now.


“Be still and listen and know that I Am God.” Make the connection with the Divine each day. It will nourish you in all ways.


If you would but make the effort to reinstate your daily meditation practice, you will see how quickly your evolution goes. I am not only referring to your ability to communicate with your High Self and with beings on the inner plane, guides, teachers, angelic force and such. I am also saying that meditation brings balance and wholeness to the physical body, to the emotional body and to the mental body. Meditation is your great healer, for it is the key to all awareness. And, through increased awareness, you are healed. Give it a try for a month, will you? And see how your life improves.


There is a massive influx of new energy now. And what is it? Power. Your power has magnified many-fold and will continue to do so as you adjust to the new vibrations. When you send The Light to heal any person or situation, it is amplified, rarefied and miracles become commonplace.


Manifestation continues to excel both in quickness and in accuracy. So do watch your thoughts. The manifestation may not take form tomorrow, because we the Universe knows the right and perfect timing, yet the manifestation will occur. Ask for the best possible timing, the best possible outcome.


That thoughts will manifest more readily can create fear. You may find yourself having some thoughts that you don’t want to manifest. You can delete that by making a common statement, “Cancel, cancel, cancel” and replace the negative thought with a positive one. Now, you must live the new thought. You can’t think the world is going to hell in a hand-basket, say ‘Cancel, cancel, cancel. The world is going to a good space” and them damn the polluters that afternoon. It doesn’t work that way. You send Light to those you perceive to be polluting, know that the Light always works and that they will see what they need to see and understand that which they need to understand.


Understand that this magnified power allows you to tap into your highest potentials. By doing so, you create a world you’ll want for generations to come.


Water is to be respected. The comprehension of the need for clean water will grow; it won’t be taken for granted anymore. Don’t waste water. Value it as precious, for it sustains you just as the sunlight sustains you. Acknowledge your great fortune to turn on a tap and have clean water at your disposal. How blessed you are! Now, take time to be grateful for such abundance and do bless your planet’s water. See it as abundant and clean for the whole – and I include the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms as well as humans.


Please try something new! Paint, sing, dance, write. Volunteer. Drive a new way home. Make 2013 The Year of Exploration. All things are possible with this new energy. That may seem daunting if you don’t know what it is you want to create. And that’s fine. Don’t think it all has to be done now. If you would but say, “I trust that my future will be healthy, successful, abundant and joyful”, that gets the ball rolling in the right direction, don’t you think?


Then, explore! What’s a new thing you could try in January?


You have so much potential ready to be tapped. Skills and abilities that have been dormant, some undiscovered, some lain to rest for too long. Take up the piano again!  Go through your community education classes and find something that interests you. Teach a class. Offer to share your expertise with another.


The world is not ending, dear friends, it is beginning in a new expression. What ends is the Piscean Age of structure and form. It cannot be as it has always been. The old way doesn’t work with the new energy. And with it’s ending goes an ending to martrydom, guilts, self-doubt, the “I am not good enough” frame of mind. Herald in the Aquarian Age of “I am a powerful Light Being, growing and evolving to my greatest potential. I am a bringer of healing and peace”.


Smile. You have all the tools you need to forge ahead into a bright future.


We on this side are willing to work with you every step of the way. Call on us, for that is what we are here for.


I bid you peace and joy,


Fall Equinox 2012 Message from Aca’u

The Fall Equinox begins September 22, 2012 at 10:49 am EDT

Channeled by Camille Albrecht September 22, 2012


Greetings. It is I Aca’u who speaks to you now.

Although the journey these past few years has been weary, the energies turn and you will see them lightening. Already you may feel the surge of energy. With it there is a feeling of enthusiasm, hope, faith in a future that turns out well. And it will turn out well, my friends. On that you can rely. You are protected and blessed and have come through this period more cleansed and balanced and whole than ever. You’ll get your strength back! It grows even now.

Can you feel the shift? Promise, renewal. That’s what’s in the air. Take a moment to breathe it in. This Equinox brings fresh new vibrant energy that can energize you and quicken your development even more. Each Solstice and Equinox brings an increase in vibration, bringing you closer to your Light Body. The veil lifts. You will hear more, see more, sense more – on all planes. The worlds are blending, yours and mine. People who never considered themselves ‘psychic’ find they can communicate with those on the other side. It is easier for you to connect with the Angels, with your Guides and Teachers. You are able to connect deeply with your Higher Self and above all, feel that connection with Divine Consciousness; that which is called God. Open the door and the Power and Light and Peace floods in. That is what sooths and heals you. It gives you the renewal you need. This Divine Consciousness gives you the direction, the wisdom, the peace you seek.

And, you are clearer now to receive than ever before. These past three years have been a time of great release. You have worked hard to let go of those things within that have blocked you and held you back. You have cleaned house and are now a more receptive vessel for the higher frequencies that are pouring in.

I tell you, finances continue to improve. However, you must live within your means. Pay off your debts. It is important to be fiscally responsible now. The time of excess and overspending are over. Universal energies call for taking responsibility. I have spoken with you about this before. You must take responsibility for your life and allow others to take responsibility for theirs. No more do you enable those who are overly dependent. The energies now provide people with that which they need to become personally responsibility. But they cannot begin to do that until some of the dependency cords are cut, lovingly and with compassion. Understand of course, that there are some who are legitimately dependent and their needs must be met. This is part of being responsible, too. Yet, examine who and what you are truly responsible for. And most of all, assume responsibility for yourself. Keep your house in order. Accept that you are responsible to move yourself forward to where you want to be.

That is the question, isn’t it? Where do I want to be? What do I want to do with my life now? How can I best proceed? These are times of great change with new opportunities for you. New doors open. Where there has been a sense of stagnation, it breaks and there is movement forward. This is a time of excitement and anticipation!

Often with equinox energy, because it brings great propulsion, you feel anxious or off base for a week or so before and after the actual equinox occurs. You will adjust to the new vibration within a week to ten days. So there may be disruption of your sleep pattern, feeling out of sorts, this type of thing. Be patient with yourself (and others!) as everyone settles into their new space.

With the movement of Saturn in Libra to Saturn in Scorpio taking place in a few days, you will feel another shift. Saturn in Libra brought relationships into focus. If you look back over the last two years, you will see that your relationships have changed significantly. Your life has changed as result of some important relationships ending and new ones formed.

Saturn in Scorpio brings a quickening to the manifestation of your intentions. Scorpio is a sign of great creativity and productivity. It brings power, courage, focus and endurance. It is healing energy as well. Your manifestation ability will increase tremendously now. Your thoughts can focus and direct Divine Power as never before. Healing abilities are magnified tenfold. Scorpio’s power will be felt at all levels of your life. You can become physically stronger and more fit as you tap great will power to improve your exercise and eating patterns. Understand that your will power is strengthened and focused and can be used to direct Divine Energy to create that which you desire in your life.

All the guidance you need to create a whole and happy life will come through connecting with your Higher Self. Please take the time to meditate on a regular basis so you are in touch with that which is of highest benefit to you and to the universe. Meditation can be seen as a chore when you first begin the practice. Yet, as you develop the habit more and more, you discover it is coming home. It is drinking from a cup that quenches a thirst deep within you. In this space you are able to merge your will with Divine Will and create a world of Light and love. Divine Will is that which brings peace, balance, wholeness and love. So in aligning with God’s Will, which is Divine Love and Light, you cannot help but become more peaceful, balanced, whole and of love.

Expect miracles! This is a time of magic!

The storm is almost over. I say almost because there are still freedoms to be had and often freedom comes through facing opposition and challenge. People must be free to express their I Am. I don’t mean in a ‘step on the other fellow’ way, but in the ‘Be and let be’ fashion. So there will continue to be the inner push from the Higher Self to express, to be who your really are, the Reality You. And what a beautiful Soul you are!

Open your arms to all the wonderful possibilities that are in store for you. Open your heart to the benevolent energies pouring in. Open your mind to new ideas of what can be. You are in the doorway to a whole new world. Magic! Miracles! Wonder! There is great joy awaiting you.

With much love, I bid you peace,


2012 Spring Equinox Message from Aca’u

Channeled by Camille Albrecht


It is I, Aca’u who speaks to you now.

Faith renewed, welcome Spring!

There is joy in the air; a fresh new energy that brings optimism and faith in the future. Yes, people will continue to strive for their independence and the weather patterns continue to demonstrate that nature is wiser by intuition. Yet you are seeing your economy improve and your own personal financial situations stronger, more secure.

This is a time to continue to pay attention to your finances. Pay off the bills, strengthen your saving habits. But the purse strings loosen, as people feel confident in the economy’s turn around. Gas prices will climb and then drop as the year progresses. Not low, but lower than you are seeing now. Fear drives the prices up. And greed. Alternative fuel sources are the answer and until mankind takes this seriously, the oil crisis continues. It is as it is meant to be.

Be at peace. The future is unfolding at its right and proper pace. Your thoughts manifest more quickly now than ever before. You, the architects of this new Age are the builders, for you are creating the patterns within which the new Age unfolds. Be the Light that you are. Let it shine forth from within you. In the Reality of you, you are perfect. Let that perfection of you, the Divine that dwells within, the Reality of you that is ever ready to be called upon, shine forth.

Each day ask that the Light fill you and guide you. Be who you truly are and the Divine manifests on earth. The world you are striving for awaits creation — by you. The reigns have been handed over to you. “Be the change you want to see in the world”. These words are most powerful at this time, as you create the future.

Do not let the old patterns weigh you down. They are gone now. You have a clean slate. The only way the old patterns can impact you is if you drag them with you into this time. Let it go. Fresh start. New energy, new life. Possibility thinking.

Who do you want to be? What type of person do you want to be? Who you were in the past no longer counts. You may not know the details of what you want in your future, yet can know the overall quality of life you want. You can know the overall character traits you want to have. Put those thoughts out and act on them.

Your creations come into being by your thoughts, your words and your actions. You must act in order to create. Remember that. It cannot simply be stating the words, “Peace and love to you”. You must act with peace and love towards others throughout your day and thus will more peace and love be created. You cannot affirm health and carry anger in your heart. Wholeness and balance are created by living a whole and balanced life. Simple changes make a big difference. Start by loving yourself more, accepting yourself more and watch what unfolds.

I suggest a daily affirmation:

I am a Divine Child of God, loved and cherished by my Creator.

Light of Lights, Power of Powers,

Illuminate my heart and illuminate my mind,

That I may be your instrument of peace and wholeness today and always.

So be it.

Drink in the joy that fills the atmosphere. Let that joy and Light and Love flood you and then carry it forth into the world. For you are meant to live in joy.

This is a magical time of new possibilities; embrace it!

On this, I bid you peace,


2011 Winter Solstice Message from Aca’u

Channeled by Camille Albrecht December 14, 2011

The Winter Solstice begins at 5:30 am CUT on December 22, 2011 and continues through until March 20, 2012.

Greetings. It is I Aca’u who speaks to you now. The winter solstice brings an inner peace. There is calm within the storm you have experienced over these past few years. 2012 is a more peaceful, stable year. There will continue to be earth changes, and people will continue to demonstrate for democracy and freedom. This is the soul’s urge. It is occurring in each of you, the desire for freedom to express who you are, the desire to release the tethers that have held you back from expressing your full potential. Read More→

Fall Equinox 2011 Message from Aca’u

Channeled by Camille Albrecht September 23, 2011

The Fall Equinox begins on September 23, 2011 at 9:04 a.m. UTC, 5:04 a.m. EDT and continue through to December 22, 2011.

Greeting, it is I, Aca’u who speaks to you now.

Finances continue to take center stage, demanding your focus internationally, as a country, and in your personal lives. Read More→

Question About Nature and the Response From Aca’u

Larry S., a 30+ year student of the Seraph, Julian, ( Wisdom direct from an angel, the Seraph, Julian ) asked this question of Aca’u. It is followed by the response Aca’u provided on July 21, 2011:

Julian taught us that nature will rule the Aquarian Age.

What I am wondering about is how nature will rule. If things become much worse, then nature will be in the forefront of everyone’s mind because humanity will become acutely aware that we need nature for our survival. If there are major die-offs and severe collapses of flora and fauna everywhere then humanity will face a threat of biblical proportions. Humanity will need to work to restore the balance with every ounce of energy it has left.In this scenario nature would rule this age, but in the same manner a violent alcoholic father rules a family. Everyone needs to pay attention to his every mood and word just to make it through the day unscathed.

2011 Summer Solstice Message from Aca’u


Channeled through Camille Albrecht June 16, 2011

The 2011 Summer Solstice will begin on Tuesday, June 21st at 1:16 pm EST

Greetings. It is I, Aca’u who speaks to you now. Once again we enter the Summer Solstice period, meant to be one of rest, recuperation and healing. I recommend each one of you examine your schedules to ensure they allow time for relaxation, enjoyable activities (yes, play!) and down time. This is a period to just be, to allow all that you have initiated to percolate, to let all you have learned digest, to let ideas mature.

Many of you initiated great changes in your life or had great changes thrust upon you earlier this year and in 2010. You are now adjusting and altering your lives to flow towards this new direction. So you may be busier than you’d prefer. Please do carve out down time for yourselves. It’s important. The ‘go, go, go’ energies will burn you out and result in dis-ease and dis-harmony. In other words, your physical body will not tolerate that level of activity. It can’t and I tell you, I won’t.

Read More→