Are You Searching for More in Life?

The classes Camille provides are designed to help you evolve in to a more whole, balanced, peaceful and enlighted being. Although the classes vary considerably, they all share a common thread and that is, to assist you to strengthening your conscious relationship with the Divine within. Guidance, understandings and insights are spiritualavailable from your own inner self and from your connection with the inner plane. For you and the Universe are one. You can learn how to tap in to the deep wisdom inside of you, and to connect with the Higher Power to provide you with the answers and direction you need. Connecting with the Divine is an inherent ability in us all and can lead to developing a more fulfilling, successful and happy life.

Camille offers classes for the beginner, the intermediate and the advanced student. As a student and teacher of spirituality for over 35 years, Camille has spent years researching and studying a wide variety  subjects. She is trained in diverse spiritual techniques and tools. Camille is also a professional astrologer and medium, and  teacher of self awareness.

Class topics include Astrology, Kabbalah, Tarot, Hermetic Law, and Life After Death. As a medium, Camille is able to teach others how to communicate with their Higher Self, along with Angels, Guides and Master Teachers.

path-to-enlightenmentAdditionally, Camille offers classes in psychic development, communicating with the Devic Kingdom of Sprites, Fairies and Gnomes, as well as communicating with loved ones who have crossed over.  Camille’s years of research, study and application provide for informative, well documented information that has withstood the test of time.

Camille is trained in various healing modalities and often combines healing sessions with her classwork. She believes that together, a group of Light Workers can make a vast difference in the well being of others and of the planet by taking just a few moments of their time directing Divine Healing Force to spaces of need.

Classes are offered both in-person and distance learning. By subscribing to her Newsletter, you will be apprised of distance learning classes and class recordings offered through this website.

To schedule a workshop for your area, please contact camille at Those interested in attended classes in-person can use this same email address to be placed on Camille’s local email list to be apprised of classes offered in West Michigan.

Recordings now available include:

1. The Astrology of 2016 and the New Power of Affirmations. For for information on this two part class with a recording and accompanying PowerPoint presentation, contact Camille at:

1. Enter the Void to Birth Something New in Your Life: Enter the Void to Birth Something New in Your Life :: Welcome to Pathfinder ~ Camille Albrecht

2. Release Blockages and Set Up Your Day: Release Blockages & Set Up Your Day for Success :: Welcome to Pathfinder ~ Camille Albrecht

3. How to Survive and Flourish During the Holiday Season:

4. Creation and the Hermetic Laws:

5. The Cardinal Cross Years:

The Seraph, Julian, certified Camille to teach Julian’s Self Development Classes (see along with Practical Magus.

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