Soul Astrology and Psychic Readings


Astrology is an art and science that’s over 3000 years old. An soul oriented astrology consultation will provide you with a roadmap you can use to navigate skillfully through your life, making the most of your potential for soul growth. You’ll learn what skills and abilities you came in with, what hidden talents you have, what life lessons and contracts you came in with. You’ll also gain insight into whyuniverse 2 you are experiencing certain challenges, what’s the lesson of them and when will the lesson be over. You’ll learn the best timing of events. When is a good time to move? To marry? To divorce? To open a new business?

Camille is a soul astrologer and a medium.  As a medium, Camille is able to communicate with beings of a high vibratory nature, including Angels, Master Teachers and Guides. She can introduce you to your Guardian Angel and to the Guides who are working with you throughout this life. Your past lives can also be explored. There is a vast amount of information and assistance you can receive in a reading.

Typically I combine astrology with channeled (psychic) sessions. It’s a great combination, as astrology gives specific timing for events and changes, while the Master Teacher, Aca’u and other  enlightened beings I connect with from the inner plane can speak to the specifics of a situation. I am also able to channel other master teachers, guides, angels and entities who have made their transition. If there is loved one of yours that has crossed over, I may be able to connect with them, depending upon your wants & needs, and their wants & needs.

Sessions are generally booked about 3 weeks in advance. I have clients throughout the country and overseas, so about 85% of my sessions are done by phone. Sessions are ordinarily one hour at a cost of $90 and include a recording of the session either by cassette tape or an mp3. Clients are asked to pay for their session in advance, either by check or PayPal.

Emergency appointments can be scheduled within a three day period, at the cost of $130 per hour.

For the astrology reading, I will need your birth date, birth time (Accuracy matters! But if you don’t have a birth time, we can still set up your chart. Just let me know.) and city/state at least a week or so before our appointment so that I can prepare your chart.

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You can pay for your session by PayPal or contact me (see above) for other arrangements.

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