2011 Spring Equinox Message from Aca’u

Channeled by Camille Albrecht on March 20, 2011

Greetings, It is I Aca’u who speaks to you now. Take heart, the winter solstice period was trying for many and much karma was addressed during that time. There will be reprieve, a time for healing and restoration within this time of great change in your world. For your world is changing at its very core level. And I tell you, as frightening as it seems at times; these changes are for the good. You are moving into the time of brotherhood, sisterhood, trust and true unconditional love. These changes are greater than you have ever experienced since the beginning of time.

You must take time to rest. It is extremely important now, as the energies about you have increased higher than you’ve ever experienced before. As result, change is occurring much more quickly. Have you noticed how time itself seems to have increased in speed?

To remain healthy and balanced, you must take time to just be. You cannot continue at the hamster on a wheel pace and maintain your strength. If you choose to walk through this period with strength, balance and wholeness, you will include rest and relaxation into your routine.

Please also remember that your food intake is what feeds your body the nutrition it needs to keep you whole and balanced. Respect your body and feed it well. Nutritious meals will make a great difference in your life now. Your body needs healthful and nutritious foods as never before. This is because so much is being asked of you on all levels, physically, mentally, spiritually. If there is a health habit you want to release that is blocking you from wholeness, now is the time to accept that you can release it. And the polarity of these times says if there is a new health habit you want to incorporate into your life now, accept that this too can be yours. It is all set in motion by your mind. Mind is All. “I easily release… from my life” “I easily accept… into my life” and then you begin with small steps, followed by the actions that match your words. And each time you act upon your new thought, the power grows and grows until the new habits are formed.

Proper nutrition, moving your body in healthy exercise, getting out in to nature will rejuvenate and restore you to be able to handle the energies and great changes of this time. Moderation is key, my friends. As one of your fitness experts says, follow the 80% rule. If 80% of the time you follow the nutrition and physical exercise program of your choice, that is all that is needed. This is not a time for extremes but of balance and moderation.

So the physical body will serve you well by your honoring it.

You chose to incarnate in a time when the greatest universal changes since time itself began are occurring. Sometimes you may wonder, “What was I thinking?!” Do allow humor in now. It will help you to flow with the great tidal wave of evolutionary growth you are in. And know that angelic force, guides and master teachers are with you each step of the way. Call on them. Call on them. That is what we are here for. You are not, never have been and never will be alone.

This is also an important time to rely on relationships you can trust. Over the past several years the veil has been lifted on your relationships. You have been able to see whom you can rely on and trust, and whom it is best to part with. Or if not  part with, step back a bit from. Those relationships you have found trustworthy and beneficial for your growth, nurture. Build bridges. Help one another through these times. For this is the Age of Brotherhood and Sisterhood. And know that those you have discovered not to be in your corner are to be blessed and released without judgment. Everyone grows at their own pace. Often a relationship is not meant to last a lifetime. It is meant to be in your life for a period of time and having served its purpose, you both move on. Bless and release.

Now that being said, you will always find that you’ll get along better with some than with others. This is human nature. You will have colleagues, spiritual group members, neighbors, employers and those in your friendship circles who you will mesh better with than others. That’s part of life. Be and let be. Accept that it is okay to be different and not to have to be best buddies with everyone in your life. Accept those little annoyances and work together to move forward.

Turmoil is rampant your world as revolution for freedom continues. Freedom and democracy will continue to cry for expression as the High Self demands to be heard. This occurs globally as you have seen and some of you have experienced first hand. It will continue. Wise leaders come together to seek resolution. You can help by adding your Love and Light daily to those who fight for their freedom.

Yet also this revolution for freedom occurs within you. Place your ego aside, listen to your High Self and allow it to have freedom to express through you. It is simply a matter of turning inward to that still, small voice within that is ever present to guide you. Daily twenty minute silent meditations will provide you with your greatest assets now.

Earth changes continue. This you have known about, this is no surprise. The earth replenishes itself. Life is everlasting. Bless those who have suffered through the earth changes and see them fed, housed, healed. Once again I tell you, have your own emergency supplies ready. There are many resources to advise you what to have. This is not to frighten you but is basic common sense. Do it. And keep your cars at least half full of gas in case you need to evacuate.

You have such a beautiful future in store! If only you could see from my world where you are heading, you would not fear but rejoice in the changes underway. No one wants to see suffering and pain. Yet there is polarity; that is one of the Universal Laws ruling this Age of Aquarius. Often evolution comes with struggle. Your Light works. Never, ever doubt that. It is your Light sent to Japan that eases the pain of the wounded, that unites the families separated, that cleanses the water and air. You make a difference. Your Light sent to the Middle East can bring comfort, strength, clear decision making. Use your power, Light Workers. We can help you from this side but you are the Instruments of the Divine on earth. It is through you that the Creator is expressed. God acts through you. Be the Light that you are, the peace that you are.

As with all Spring Equinox energies, this brings new growth. New beginnings, new activities, new adventures. Such excitement! Call forth from the Universe what new you want in your life. Take some time to think about what you want to manifest this year. Write your list, check it twice to make sure what you think you want is what you truly want. Then call it forth and watch it manifest. For your powers of manifestation are magnified manifold.

Dear friends, you are one with the Creator, with The Father, with the Mother; however you refer to the Divine. You are One. Feel the Divine Living Essence within you. Let that Divine Love feed you, heal you and guide you. You are so loved.

I have said this often to you, it is in the Mind of God that you live, and move, and have your being. Drink it in. Let that power be absorbed into every cell of your being, into your hearts and into your mind. Let that Divine Power express through your eyes, through your voice and your touch.

This is a time of great change. You are the facilitators, God’s instruments on earth. Walk in strength and faith in yourself and in your future. Know with a certainty that we on this side walk with you, ever ready to assist at your request.

Be at peace and know that the movement forward is toward the good.

I bid you peace,