2011 Summer Solstice Message from Aca’u


Channeled through Camille Albrecht June 16, 2011

The 2011 Summer Solstice will begin on Tuesday, June 21st at 1:16 pm EST

Greetings. It is I, Aca’u who speaks to you now. Once again we enter the Summer Solstice period, meant to be one of rest, recuperation and healing. I recommend each one of you examine your schedules to ensure they allow time for relaxation, enjoyable activities (yes, play!) and down time. This is a period to just be, to allow all that you have initiated to percolate, to let all you have learned digest, to let ideas mature.

Many of you initiated great changes in your life or had great changes thrust upon you earlier this year and in 2010. You are now adjusting and altering your lives to flow towards this new direction. So you may be busier than you’d prefer. Please do carve out down time for yourselves. It’s important. The ‘go, go, go’ energies will burn you out and result in dis-ease and dis-harmony. In other words, your physical body will not tolerate that level of activity. It can’t and I tell you, I won’t.

You may find yourself more tired than usual now. Your sleep patterns may be disrupted. It is important for you to allow yourself to rest. Nap when you can. The universe, because of its accelerated rate, requires much of the physical, emotional and mental bodies now as they adjust to this new rate. Please do allow yourself the rest you need to cope well with what is being asked of you.  Your life will flow much easier as result.

Your life is not what is was two years ago. This is true for the majority of people. 2009 – 2012 heralds the greatest changes in the universe and in each individual since the beginning of time. This is due to the fact that the vibration of the universe is increasing more rapidly than ever before. You feel time itself moving more swiftly and it can be difficult to keep up with all the change that is occurring.

In the past, you might have climbed one or two rungs on the evolutionary ladder over the course of several lifetimes. Now, the massive vibratory increases are creating inner tensions for you to grow, evolve, and move forward at an unprecedented rate. You can climb 5 -6 rungs of that evolutionary ladder in one lifetime! This rate of growth has never occurred before. And this time period you are in, 2009 – 2012, provides the most pronounced opportunity for such growth.

I will be more specific. You know that your relationships have been under scrutiny over the past several years. They have been under the microscope and much has been revealed. Things that were hidden have come to the surface and you are seeing others more clearly for whom they really are. Others are seeing you more clearly. Those relationships that are meant to be carried forth into your future have been forged in strength. Those not meant to be carried forward have been let go or the nature of that relationship has changed and will not move forward with the same level of intimacy. This is as it should be.

Many of you have faced health crisis in yourself or loved ones. For some, you have helped a loved one make transition. Let me remind you that the future is a good one. Your future is a good one. Please don’t be afraid of what lies in store. And know that in reality there is no loss, my friends. Love and life go on and you will be reunited with your loved ones once again.

This is a time to continue to go through your possessions to determine what you want and don’t want. It is an external mirror of what you are doing on the inside, going through your internal self to decide what attitudes, beliefs, opinions, behaviors and such you want to carry forth into the future. You are purging on all levels.

You know that you are entering pure Aquarian Energy. 2012 will be the last year carrying traces of the Piscean Age. The Aquarian Age is the Age of Peace, Brotherhood and Sisterhood. The Age of Peace is one of a high vibratory nature. It is the highest you and the entire universe have ever experienced. The Aquarian Age has entered gradually since the late 1970’s. However, as it descends and permeates your world in combination with the current astrological configurations, it cannot co-exist with certain lower vibratory rates. So as the new energy meets the lower ones, where you are out of balance in your behaviors, attitudes and emotions, these imbalances will bubble up to the surface to be purged. That is why so many of you are facing the most challenging times of your life. As this high Divine Energy meets the lower vibratory energies, cleansing occurs.

Divine Energy is asking you to evolve, and to allow your High Self to express. There is great Revolution for Freedom now. You see this in the Middle East as people literally take to the streets against oppressive governments. You will see this within yourself as your High Self carries out its’ own Revolution for Freedom. Your High Self is pushing you to allow its expression, so that the Divine I Am of you is heard.

Because of this, you may be facing personal challenges that require you to address your greatest fears – fear of financial loss, fear of loneliness, fear of failure.

Physical imbalances are being brought to the surface to be addressed.

The workaholic mentality cannot survive this energy. You must balance your outgoing energy with relaxation. This is important. Do not allow yourself to become ill because you have gone overboard with work.

Now, the flip side of this is true as well. People must learn to take personal responsibility for themselves. If you have allowed someone to become overly dependant on you, this is a time to cut them free. The universal energies can assist people as never before to take responsibility of their lives. Allow them to grow. You may think that providing for them is helping them, but believe me, it is not. People must learn to be responsible for the life they are creating. People must learn to accept the consequences of their actions. You may have to take a step back while they learn this process, sometimes the hard way. I have said this before, give a hand-up, not a hand-out. The Path of Evolvement is the path of creation. Each individual creates their own life.

What is not of the Light is having Light shown upon it for the greatest evolvement.

And how do you handle this? The challenges are not yet completed and as such, many of you stand in a misty, unclear space, not sure where the future will take you. I tell you, trust. Trust your High Self to lead you to a place of happiness, security and stability. For that is where you are heading. This is the Age of Peace and that includes peace in your relationships. All relationships – the relationship between the ego personality and the High Self, between one individual and another, one country and another, between the human race and nature are moving towards Peace.

Earth changes continue so do keep your emergency supplies on hand, updated (refresh your water and food supplies, check batteries, etc). Keep your supplies readily accessible.

I have said this many times, The Light Always Works. When you send Divine Light to any situation, person, animal or to yourself, that Divine Light knows exactly how best to work and in the perfect timing. Remember that while on earth your perspective can be limited but the Light is never limited. It knows exactly what is needed. Allow it to do its work without second guessing.

Do continue your Light Work and know that you are co-creators with the Divine. Your Light is needed now more than ever to bring the earth and all inhabitants through this time of great change. We on the inner plane are here to assist. And understand that because the entire universe is increasing in vibration, so are those of us on the inner plane. All planets are increasing in strength and power, all beings; nature itself is increasing in strength and power. We are a team. If you will but call upon us we will assist as we can. But know we can’t do it for you. You must use your will as a co-creator with the Divine to create the life you want. This life is created, as you know, through your thoughts, words and actions. Do watch what you think, say and do for this creates now more powerfully than at any other time.

You are more powerful than you realize. Yet understand that you function under the Will of the Creator; Divine Will. Therefore, “May God’s Will be done” is an important creed to follow. If your manifestation has not unfolded as you expected, do trust that the Light you delivered worked. The Light always works perfectly. It is the limited perspective you have, thinking ‘this is how it should work out”, that creates the disappointment, the doubt that the Light didn’t work, or how you delivered it wasn’t effective enough.


“I know that the Light Always Works.”“May God’s Will be done in all I think, say and do.”

These are good statements to claim in your life.

So you set your intention, you send the Light and trust your ability to send it well, then trust with your whole heart and soul that which is right and perfect will occur. And so shall it be.

The Law of Attraction, which is The Law of Cause and Effect, is ever in motion and can never be stopped. So it is important that when creating your future, you align your will with that of the Creator. It is then that you create Heaven on Earth. For God’s Will is perfect in all ways. Remember that. When you send The Light, you are, in reality, sending the Will of God to align the situation. And align it, It does!

Please do feel free to send your questions about this message. Now is a time of great change and I would like to assist you in providing tools you need to help you steer your way to a bright future.

A visualization I have been suggesting lately, I will suggest to you here as well. I want you to see yourself on a moving sidewalk made of Light. Divine Light is carrying you to your future. When you look out towards the future on that moving sidewalk, where the sidewalk meets the horizon, I want you to see yourself in a space of great joy, security, peace and fulfillment. You know it’s there, you know you are heading there with each passing day. Divine Light is leading you there. Now, there will be lessons along the way, you may be asked to handle some things on the path to your future, but the Light is moving you there. Trust yourself. You have everything you need within you to move to a place of Peace. For that is what your future holds. Peace and fulfillment.

Each day, fill yourself with the never-ending source of Blessings that surround you. Breathe it in. There is great joy to be experienced within this time of change. Take a moment to really look a flower or a tree, a lake or the ocean. Allow its beauty to nourish you. Such Divine Nourishment is all around you. Drink it in. Let it sustain you. Manna from Heaven, it is there.

You are not alone! We walk together on this Journey, my dear friends. Spirit, Master Teachers, Angelic Force, Guides, loved ones from the inner plane and all those of the physical plane are One. We move together towards our future, one great orchestra of the Divine. Listen to the Music! Let the joy of evolvement sustain you.

For this Summer Solstice period, drink in the delicious joyful energy that surrounds you. Luxuriate in summer afternoons of lounging and being and relaxing, with the statement resonating in your heart,


“God is, I am and we are One.”

For that is your Truth.

I bid you peace,