New Class: Survive and Flourish This Holiday Season

I’m excited to offer you the first in a series of new classes taught by Aca’u and me. These classes are recordings of those we teach  on a bi-monthly basis at The White Lake Community Library in Whitehall. Many people have requested recordings of these classes and I am happy to be able to make them available to you. Each class last about one hour and varies in topic. I think you will find them interesting, practical and enjoyable.

94_holiday-candleThe first class offered  is titled, Survive and Flourish this Holiday Season. It’s a great one to listen to in preparation for upcoming holidays. In addition to holiday preparation, other timely topics covered in this class include:

1. Techniques to create a stress free, enjoyable holiday that can be used for most any  event or occasion

2. How to relate to others in challenging situations

4. The importance of taking care of yourself and how to accomplish that

5. How to create your reality by accepting your current situation and moving it forward

Aca’u includes a beautiful Chakra Meditation to cleanse and balance the system

6. This is followed by a brief discussion of the chakras

Aca’u provides some real insights and practical tools for making this one of the best Holiday Seasons yet! This is a wonderful class to begin preparing you for creating a successful year ahead.

This digital recording can be purchased for $15 through PayPal or by contacting me at . Once purchased, I will email you the recording. Please contact me should you have any questions. Thank you!