Release Blockages & Set Up Your Day for Success

This class, taught by Camille, begins with an exercise to cleanse the mind of attitudes, beliefs, feelings or attachments that are no longer beneficial in your life. The first step in the process is to identify what those things that need release might be. Once identified, the next step is the release. Included are suggestions for how to handle those things you are not yet ready to let go of, and issues in your life that need healing and resolution. These may include letting go of issues related to a difficult childhood, marriage or job situation along with how to address unresolved issues with others.

Then, I’ll offer practical techniques on how to attract healthy, balanced attitudes, beliefs, feelings and attachments. This is a great way to release what is causing distress in your life and attract to you that which you want for a happy and healthy life.

In the second part of this class, I offer tried and true ideas for setting up your day to bring greater productivity and joy. The techniques I share with you can make a great difference in how you proceed throughout your day.images

I’ll share with you some exercises and techniques taught by the Seraphim, Julian. (  You’ll learn how to create a protective filter that will allow in what you need to sense and experience, but will not have you interact with those energies not necessary for you. This will filter out that which you don’t need, but will allow in that which you do, such as knowing what is around the corner or if a loved one is in need.

Other subjects discussed in this class included  information on your guides and their purpose, what your guides and guardian angel are there for, and how to handle the challenge of watching a loved one go through trauma.

This class is packed with useful, practical and timely information.

A digital recording can be purchased for $15 through PayPal or by contacting me at . Once purchased, I will email you the recording. Please contact me should you have any questions. Thank you!