2017 Winter Solstice Message from Aca’u

Channeled by Camille Albrecht on December 20, 2017

The Winter Solstice begins on December 21st at 11:28 am

Greetings, it is I, Aca’u who speaks to you now. This is an exciting time, when great accomplishments can be made. The Winter Solstice period can be especially productive for you in practical, long-lasting ways. You know that the Winter Solstice period is usually a time of rest, recuperation and reflection. These energies continue. This is a time of turning inward and examining what it is you want to continue in your life and what you want to release. I suggest you do that over the next month or so.

Begin by looking at what’s working in your life. Acknowledge your strengths. Take note of your successes. There is such a tendency to tear one’s self down. It becomes a habit to see where one lacks, or hasn’t lived up to the expectations of others, or lived up to their own expectations. Skip it this year. It doesn’t serve you. Instead, look at what you are pleased with. “I have resolved my issues with my sister”, “I have come to accept my weight”, “I am working in a job that pays my bills”. These are noteworthy accomplishments. These are successes that can be built upon.

People tend to think of success as the ‘big thing’ – the dream job, the never-ending stream of income, the swept-off-your-feet romance. Yet, true success is being pleased with who you are and your ability to respond to life’s ups and downs. More than anything else, this is based on your perspective. So look at yourself and your life through loving, gentle eyes. It is important to self-review now, just do it with kindness.

This Winter Solstice brings increased self-discipline and productivity. It is a good time to push forward in the direction you’ve chosen for your life. But I want you to do that from a position of strength and belief in yourself. That’s why counting your blessings, coming from a place of gratitude for who you are and what you’ve made of your life is important. From this platform, you can take the next step forward with lightness in your heart and confidence in your ability to succeed.

Make a decision as to what you want to accomplish, create a plan and take the first step towards achieving it. You might be surprised at how easily it flows. That’s because the universe supports great progress now. This is a time for bringing practical changes in. Rethink how you go about your day. This is a good time to shake up your routine and bring about a greater sense of order. You can create new structures in just about any area of your life you choose. Let’s say you want greater physical health. Your initiative to attend a group fitness class, or eliminate sweets during the week will be easier to accomplish. Complete the new project, get involved in fresh social activities, clean out the basement – whatever you choose – your ability to accomplish is enhanced. You can tap into more self-discipline than has been accessible in a long time. Things that appeared daunting before will become doable now.

Your ability to plan with logic and reason is increased. This works hand in hand with the self-discipline and creative energy that abounds. Spell out what you want to accomplish and design the plans to make your dream become a reality.

The energies of manifestation have been strong for over a year and these will continue to be in 2018 with even greater assistance. Your dreams, goals, inspirations, and aspirations can be brought into the world. Set your sites on what you want, decide how best to bring it about and act on it. As the saying goes, “Just do it!”

I want to talk with you about the need for greater compassion now. It has become acceptable to malign another quite vocally, to forgo common courtesy, to bully one’s way through. A detachment is occurring between people, forgetting or not caring that the other has feelings and can be hurt. You can either add to this or diminish it by how you relate to others. Kindness matters. Tolerance and acceptance need to be fostered. Temper your judgments and watch your thoughts so that you don’t add to the problem.

The world is in a state of great change. Pockets of hatred are coming to the surface to be eliminated. Pockets of heroic acts are also being revealed. When you understand how the universe functions, you realize that greater success comes from unity rather than discord and division. This includes unity between mankind and nature, as well as between countries and between individuals. Commonalty must be found and a brotherhood and sisterhood formed. This is your future. It is up to you the path you take to get there.

Discussions to understand one another’s perspective must take place. Bridges need to be built between opposing sides for mutual agreements to ever arise. Try to understand the other person’s perspective a bit more. That’s where it begins.

Please have faith in yourself and in the world. Dictators will not survive in the new energies. Those who hate and destroy cannot survive. As Julian often said, hatred will not be tolerated in the new age. Those who hate will either self-destruct, be destroyed or nature will intervene.

Hold tightly to your knowledge that the world is moving towards peace and unity. Vote your conscience. Share your perspective with reason and kindness. As Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see.” Your thoughts, words and actions are powerful. You are creating the future. Shine bright your Light!

You are in the process of designing the Aquarian Age. You are the architects. Choose carefully what you want the future to be. The foundational structures of the new age are being built now. Treat yourself with loving kindness, see your worth, and acknowledge your successes. Like yourself just as you are. This fosters treating others with the same open-heartedness. Like ripples in a pond, it expands outwards and creates more of the same in the world. And remember to have some fun. There is so much good in the world; be one who creates even more.

I bid you peace,