Camille’s Background

Camille Albrecht, LBSW, has over 35 years’ experience as a professional soul astrologer, kabbalist, tarot reader, medium and channel for master teachers, guides and angels. The Master Teacher, Aca’u and Master Astrologer, Orion work closely with her. Camille communicates extensively with those who have crossed over to the inner plane and is well versed in life after death. She has a rich history in spiritual studies and teaches classes throughout the country in self-development, astrology and metaphysics. She is a certified teacher of the Julian Studies including Self Development, Working Magus, the Soul Seal and Manifestation Techniques. In 2013, Camille accepted the position as co-leader of the international Julian Teachings Organization. Camille resides in Whitehall, Michigan with her husband Richard Grescowle. She is available for in person or telephone consultations, and for workshops.

The classes and readings Camille provides can assist you in strengthening the connection with the Divine within. P1000153Guidance, understandings and insights are available from your own inner self and from the inner plane. You can learn how to tap into the deep wisdom inside of you, and to connect with a Higher Power to provide you with the answers and direction you need. Connecting with the Divine is an inherent ability in us all and can lead us to live a more fulfilling, successful and happy lives.

For many years, Camille has channeled the Master Teacher, Aca’u (pronounced A-Kahu), a Divine Being of Light who shares Solstice and Equinox messages to guide you throughout the year. These can be found on the What’s New pages. The messages provide wisdom, practical information and tools you can use to assist you in how to best handle the energies of the times. Camille also works closely with the Master Teacher Orion, an Astrologer on the inner plane.

Camille has spent a lifetime honing her skills as a medium and teacher. She has communicated with beings from the other side throughout her life. Her earliest recollections begin as a seven year old. Camille would lie in bed at night looking up at her ceiling and watch as it took the shape of a summer sky – brilliant blue with large, puffy clouds. An opening in the clouds appeared, as her guides and angels poked their heads over the clouds forming a circle above Camille’s head. They would laugh and talk a bit each night before  saying “Sweet dreams and goodnight!”. These nightly conversations took place over years. Camille’s early connections with her inner plane companions formed the foundation for her ability to be a bridge between two worlds.

Awakening2012-2While growing up, Camille would often converse with a Divine Feminine Force called Mary, who’d sit on the end of Camille’s bed sharing insights, guidance and laughter with her. Space Brothers and Sisters took Camille on etheric journeys and she grew to love her ET family. These experiences seemed quite ordinary and common place to Camille. For years, she believed everyone had them.

In order to protect Camille during her teenage years, the Divine Power quieted her communication with the inner plane. The abilities returned and magnified when Camille turned twenty one. In a few short years, she began her study of astrology, tarot, healing and metaphysics, and began to channel the Master Teacher, Aca’u (pronounced Ah-Kahu). As the saying goes, when the student is ready, teachers appear. Camille was schooled by some of the finest astrologers, healers and channels of the century.

Camille’s goal is to assist others in recognizing their inner beauty and meeting their highest potential. She strives to live in accordance with Divine Principles and to be an instrument of peace and wholeness.