The Cardinal Cross Years: Astrology of 2010 – 2012

Now Available for download in mp3!      

If you missed the class and want to hear what the upcoming changes are all about, or if you attended the class and want your own audio recording of what was covered, the Cardinal Cross Years Class in now available in an mp3 format with an accompanying PowerPoint presentation.

What’s the class all about?

Much has been written about the infamous and daunting 2010 – 2012 years, the End of the

Mayan Calendar. Even if you’ve never heard of the Mayan Calendar, you know great change is occurring. At root is a dramatic, unusual astrological configuration that will result in global and personal transformation. Astrologers have named it, The Cardinal Cross Years.

Astrology is a predictive tool that’s withstood the test of time. As an astrologer and channel with 35 years’ experience, I’ve researched this unfoldment extensively and designed a class to share what is occurring and most importantly, how to best navigate it all. You don’t need to know a thing about astrology to benefit from this class!

You’ll benefit by being better informed, more confident about the future, and with specific tools on how to proceed with success. Prior attendees have said, “Fabulous class, Camille! Everyone needs to hear this”, “Thanks for given me lots of good ideas to help with decisions I’m making now”, “Excellent class. You’ve done a great job making sense of these crazy times!”

Please email me if you prefer a CD of the program:

The audio of the class in now available for download in an mp3 format at a cost of $22.00. You can purchase the class by PayPal:

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